Wednesday, August 18, 2010

11 reasons not to date me

1- I am too honest at times, which leads to… 

2- I have yet to fully develop the art of tactfulness, which leads to..

3- I speak too often with out thinking.

4- When I am impassioned about something, I am really impassioned, which leads to…

5- sometimes I go on, and on, and on and on about a topic, which leads to….

6- Though I deal really well with big issues, it’s the small things that bog me down

7- I listen to music a lot.. and often really loud, and because i think its great music, everyone else must think so..and if for some unholy reason they don't, well then..they need listen to it until they 'get it'..which kind of leads to….

8- I am almost tone deaf..but love to sing when I am alone, or in the car..and one day I might become so comfortable with you that I don’t care that you are there and I will sing my heart out….which isn’t necessarily a good thing for you..which leads to

9-My long term health ailments (all minor or non existent except to me), my bad morning breath and delicate bowels (hopefully not related.. i did speak to my Dr about it, but he waved me away and rolled his eyes..i should check to see if he actually did finish Medical School...sometimes i wonder....), anyway these aliments all exist amongst many other physical unpleasantries.. which all ultimately leads to….

10- I am less than perfect... I will use a cliche and say that I am work in progress. but that makes me sound like Michelangelo's new David.. which is far from true.. unless David also has love handles...

11- Last but not least…. I am too honest at times.. ok almost all the time!!!.. have i said that already???.. err .. I am a terrible speller.. and don't even get me started on my appalling use of grammar ;-)

So there you go...
11 very good reasons not to date me  :-)


  1. delicate bowls? ... have you recently acquired antique fine bone china kitchenware, or are you actually referring to your bum bum?

  2. Even though i do have some antique fine bone stuff, in this instance i was referring to my bum bum.....which brings me back to point # 11.. i am a terrible speller... i should have written Bowels.... thank you for the post :-)

  3. do a bit of a search on Fructose may do your bum bum and breath breath good good

  4. Thank you so much... i used to think i had IBS.. and argued with my GP when he disagreed with my self diagnosis.. Do you bulk bill??? i think you should be my new GP !!!
    anyway i found out some great stuff on the net..including: