Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Faith and Trust

I was recently told that I need to have more ‘faith’ and ‘trust’. I probably do, I mean…what do I know of these things? I am being serious, me of all people, I who have little and lack much.
What is Faith? Some dogmatic beast that snarls, barks and bites, ensuring that all comply? Is it Institutionalistic brainwashing underpinned by a corporate governance style - the goal being financial gain and membership growth? Or is it something more personal? What faith do I have in myself, in my own abilities and qualities? My bravado is all a façade, a mask carefully constructed and worn with ease…. and trust? Ha !! I laugh uneasily at the concept. ‘Trust’, what is that? History tells me that it is something you give and is then broken… destroyed. We might start out in life with an abundance of it, but we quickly start to loose it, to lack it or simply no longer believe in it. Trust dwindles….The darker side of human life erodes it, Humph!!!   Faith and Trust?, I scoff at the the fools who cherish them and hold these things dear. Wearing a mask of pride I hold my head high and I SCOFF!!! 

but somewhere



inside of me,

hope flickers




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