Monday, August 9, 2010

The grinding rhythm of life

The grinding rhythm of life… we go onward and forward because we feel we have to.. we feel that we have to compete against others.. who are in return competing with us… but who are these others? Our neighbor, brother, sister, mother, or some imaginary figure?  we push ourselves and push ourselves, but the winner is not us, not you, not I, but business. Capitalism and the few who are rich are the winners……They race us all to the bottom of the pay ladder, making us compete amongst ourselves, lowering pay rates.. using our fear of lost income and job security against us, all with the excuse of ‘the business can’t make it and might need to shed staff or close’, ‘the market is not good at the moment’, ‘you need to do this for the team’ and ‘we need to band together and all make sacrifices’.. but is that ‘band together’ around the pool at their new holiday house this summer..or do they mean band together as employees to receive less money for more work being done and us working even harder? We march onwards and work harder, getting less for doing more.. yet we forget that without our productivity the employer has nothing.. we are fundamental to their wealth creation.. yet we allow them to twist our fears and insecurities against us, and we in turn are turned against each other….

for what?

Fear is used against us.. and if they only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.. then how did we allow ourselves to get here? And what are we going to do about it?

When might an honest and fair dialogue or exchange take place... and what would this look like?


  1. Matthew - don't get sucked into a pattern of 'envy' for those who have worked hard and now enjoy their just desserts.

  2. Matty - its all been said before - Marx and Engels, among others, said a lot and did nowt. So why waste your valuable time on it. Go vote Green next week and see how that changes the world! It won't but you'll feel better for it.

  3. Comrades, where are you all?
    when are we rising up against the loveless greed of capitalism? he he he!!
    I read a great book that talked about globalisation being the cancer stage of capitalism.. the Global finacial Crisis was a very interesting moment that loked like it was about to all go completely pear shaped and reminded me of a lot of things i'd read in this book.
    The revolution will come!!!