Wednesday, August 4, 2010

growing old together

Today I was at a local café stopping for a sandwich as I ran some errands and noticed two elderly men sitting at a table. They were quiet, and had a look of contentedness.  When they had finished and decided that it was time to leave, they struggled up out of their seats, slowly reaching for their coats to put back on. After what seemed a long and awkward struggle, success finally came and the men glanced at each other and smiled warmly with a sense of achievement, the look they exchanged seemed to say ‘we did it!’

They may well have been friends, or just met, but I would like to imagine that they are partners and have grown old together, sharing a lifetime of love. In their frailness, their love gives them strength. In their later years of life, they have each other and that is all the really matters.

How lovely it would be

to grow old

with someone that you love.

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