Saturday, August 28, 2010

old songs - 'A Simple Fact'

Another old song of mine – ‘A Simple Fact’

This barrier around my heart, is there to keep pain out
instead, it’s kept it in
Loneliness has made it brittle, If you push enough it will give
If you can be bothered, If you think I’m worth the effort

And I can see why you’d want to stay
and why you’d want to leave
I can see why you’d want to be with me
and why you’d rather not,
sometimes I feel the same

Too much youthful insolence, has made me difficult
set me apart, alone
Stubborn proud and arrogant I don’t need anyone
well, I am wrong

 And at the risk of sounding Clichéd
I’ve always wanted you, I’ve just never said it
Cause I know I don’t deserve you
That you deserve more,
It’s a simple fact.

Copyright Matthew Schiavello 2010

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