Friday, August 13, 2010

Too afraid to love you

The Black keys…..
They are a band (or more correctly a Duo) that are one of those bands I really want to like.. but tend to like only a few tracks.. Their new LP ‘Brothers’, has a couple of tracks I really, really like.. and as a reward for procuring new employment I have ordered a few records for myself and this is one of them… It sounds different to their other Lp’s and hopefully it will be delivered soon!!!
One track in particular I really like is:
“Too afraid to love you”   (Click here to watch the clip)

“Too afraid to love you”- what an honest and common sentiment. To love is to give and to risk losing.. our heart, or pride… egos are bruised, some times crushed… and hearts?… hearts can be shattered into millions of tiny fragments, for hearts are fragile.. many of these fragments are lost…. As we walk heavily through the house, broken pieces fall off and slip under couches, behind cushions.. fall hidden in the grass outside.. perhaps one day, down the track when we are cleaning, we might come across a fragment or two.. but the truth is that hearts are impossible to put back together to how they once were.. 

What good is love then? I know you are thinking this, we all ask this question…. I have thought this myself on many an occasion… often in my darkest hour….But love.., Love heals.. It can fill us with something new, something different..It completes us….It softens once brittle hearts, It warms those once cold and left empty.
Love is the key that unlocks those hearts kept hidden.. hidden through fear of more hurt and suffering or because we are scared that if others see what our hearts look like they might run.. these hearts, once plump and glowing, now small and sickly, scarred through past experience and left to live in darkness.. our fears cause us to underestimate… when we love.. we have the power to love unconditionally… to pick up the scarred and shriveled heart of one we care for and kiss it tenderly, not with trepidation but with honesty and genuineness, to hold it gently, to love it as it is and to see it as beautiful, to let it feel again, to give it trust and allow it the opportunity to change if it wishes to. 

Love creates, love transforms, love allows us anything we want, to try, to strive, to fall, to fail, to get back up and on our bikes again..Love is magnificent. When we love, we live life… Sure love can make us anxious, excitable, scared, thrilled, delighted ..after all, “Will the other love me?’ This a fear we all share..But to love is to take a risk in gaining something that is absolutely priceless and absolutely essential. To be open to love, we need to take a leap of faith.. we need to trust in ourselves… We need to be true to ourselves, listen to our hearts, speak with them.. ask them is this what you want?, is this what we want?…  and then we need to bravely take that step… To love is not forever.. have no fear that you are locked into a lifetime agreement… you could love for a moment, a day, a night or much more. To love is to live in the moment and to be honest with yourself and the other. To love is to be open to what might be.
To not love, is to live something akin to life, but not life… and to live it in regret.

some lyrics to ‘too afraid to love you’
"Too Afraid To Love You"

“I just don't know what to do
I'm too afraid to love you”
“All those sleepless nights
And all those wasted days
I wish loneliness would leave me
But I think he's here to stay
What more can I do
I'm wringing myself dry”

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