Saturday, October 2, 2010

The local shop

I have recently had a couple of healings to assist me with some anxiety I was feeling, and am now feeling so much better. Yeah, it is funny that as a counseling student, I myself usually go to an alternate therapist for treatment …I always think of it as a case of ‘what ever works’.

Anyway, as I left the place of healing today, pondering my new found sense of self and the relevance in my new life of a crush I have held for a few months now, a nearby store grabbed my attention.

The local Shop, is in High St Northcote and is a very cool store with lots of small, lovely and expensive items. Their window has some 2011 calendars on display. One in particular is a 1950’s retro look at New York, yes..the relevance of this was not lost on me.. and because of the said, New York Calendars, I decided not to go in… but I had this feeling that there was something for me inside and the feeling wouldn't go away…so I entered. After aimlessly browsing for a while.. I decided to leave and wondered why I was drawn inside…just as I was about to exit the shop… something on the wall grabbed my attention and just about smacked me over the head… I immediately started to beam… ah.. yes!

“When the heart is open
You will change
Just like a flower slowly opening” - Van Morrison.

ahhh.......It is times like these that I can't help but think- when the time is right the universe gives us what we need.

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