Friday, October 29, 2010

The nuttiness that is

Recently I have realized that sometimes I am just a touch crazy…  I will email or say things just because I can.. I think they are funny (at the time), and will  have no care for social convention.
For example, sometimes I will email a friend for no reason, except I want to share a thought with them there and then.
Such as:

Hey.. sometimes I wonder how can it be,  that I am sooooo cool
And then it hits me...
I just am...
And there is a wonderful humbleness in acceptance.
So that makes me super humble as well !!!!

and this one:

“Dear Nutter, 

Please deliver 250gms of roasted almonds to my address by Christmas 2035.

If possible, I would also like 13 cartons of curdled milk to be delivered to 
my friend (Name with held to protect the innorcent)'s address before 2.30pm 
Wednesday the 3rd of November 2010. Please ensure that this curdled milk has 
been re-gifted, and has a note attached that has been written on a piece of felt.

Lots of Christmas holly and shomozzles (just because I love spring)

and finally this one:
“101 reasons why I am great
1- I never trip over my shoelaces when I am walking

2- I am right handed

3- I can say a few words backwards

4- When I do say words backwards strange things happen 
     (well.. not entirely  true. but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did !)

5- My initials backwards are S. L. M.- not that it is of any real significance, 
     though in 50 years time, it may well be!

6- I know how to use a metcard on the trams (but I haven't used a Myki card yet). 

7- I can mix a gin and tonic, and add lemon - in need
    (but might prefer a martini). 
8- I can hold my breath for about 65 seconds 
    (nah, just timed myself..its only 25 seconds)

9- I can walk a flat walking track for a good 30 mins without resting 
    (but I will complain, whinge and moan after about 15-19 mins)

10- I can get away with wearing green.

11- I sweat (a lot in summer)


Did you want to add to this growing list?????”

Surprisingly my friends still talk to me, and have not (yet) blocked me from their email.. 
but then again.. Doesn’t everyone love randomly receiving wacky emails??? 


  1. I can say my workplace backwards ... Glenelg :)

  2. You are getting nuttier!
    Get out more!!!