Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Dec 2010

The good:

A couple of things to list as being 'good'.

Firstly, Christmas.. Yes.. some may be shocked to hear me say this.. because this year I have become the proverbial 'Scrooge'. I have no Christmas decorations up, I am not sending out cards, I am not buying gifts and I am refusing to participate in celebrations... but on serious reflection...despite the various meanings given to christmas; a time to celebrate the birth of christ, a time where st nick gives gifts, or just a time for loved ones to be together, regardless the reason to celebrate it, Christmas becomes a time in which we reflect upon what is important to us, and we often communicate this to those we love. So for this reason itself my heart is melting a little towards 'Christmas'.. so lets reflect and communicate!

The other 'good' thing that is filling me with joy is...the harvest of my first homegrown Blueberry!!!!!  Yay and Yum!!!!!

(again the wanna-be hand model insists on being in shot.... yikes.. what am I going to do about this little problem??? I have never had this problem with my right hand, perhaps because I have always favoured my right hand, Ahh !!! maybe the poor left hand has been starving for attention, poveretto!!)

the bad:

Ok, no surprises here... Its 'Christmas' !
Christmas is a time that we often fall into the consumer trap. We spend and buy gifts that aren't needed, some people borrow money to buy gifts.. thinking the value is in the gift itself or the quantity of gifts… rather than what is expressed in the giving. Are we missing the point of Christmas entirely?... and what values are we instilling in the younger generations with this sort of behavior?.. are we helping them create a sense of expectation and greed, rather than values such as gratitude, appreciation and respect for what we have? All the while, people are starving and dying from lack of affordable or available medical aid across the planet.

While I am talking about Christmas, let me give you a 'what not to do'-
Apparently group emails expressing your heart felt sentiments are not 'ok'. I sent one instead of Christmas cards to a small selection of loved friends, but responses varied from ‘ Tightarse!!’ to.. ‘group emails that start with ‘dear friend’ are worse than Spam!!!’.. so while I thought I was being modern in my use of electronic communications, saving trees and expressing some heartfelt sentiment to a small group of friends, it was seen differently. Moral of the story is, avoid group emails!!!  It does beg the question, is it the thought that counts or how the thought is communicated?

The ugly:

I was chatting with a friend about everyone’s favorite topic.. ie ‘Me’.. and my lovely friend stated ‘..and I can't believe your single'...(though I wonder if she was taking the piss... ) Anyway, after the chat as I was washing up in the bathroom and admiring my handsomeness in the mirror, pondering my friends comment.... It suddenly hit me!! I am verging on being ‘too handsome’!!! This is putting men off, because they fear they will be rejected- for I am seen to be out of their league!!! Yowser !!! How do I address this?.. how do I become just a touch less attractive, so that men feel more comfortable to approach me??? I could rub some dirt over my face, to give me that unwashed look.. but that can be kind of I'll ask Santa to leave some tips under my christmas tree- on reducing my handsomeness just enough so that others feel less intimidated... and once I find my man, I can bring the handsomeness levels right back up! Everyones a winner!!! errr.. I guess that means that I may have to get into the Christmas spirit after all and get out the Christmas tree !!!!


  1. Get the bloody Christmas Tree out of mothballs and decorate it instead of finding what not to like about the Season! ENJOY! Extend the spirit of goodwill and joy to any who will listen! And you'll be an ideal model for the .smiley' face award.

  2. :-) thanks for the thoughts!!! your right... and your message did put a smile on my dial!!!