Monday, January 24, 2011

No presents, please! It's my birthday.

Today, January the 24th is just another day to many and I suspect a special day for a few. For me, it’s my birthday, I have no idea what that means, is it special or not? Regardless of the answer it doesn’t change the fact that I am now thirty-nine.

I make a point each year not to work on my birthday, it is my little way of creating some ‘me’ space and a day in which I can honour myself.  I don’t wish for gifts (A.K.A. things I don’t want or need), and though I may act like it at times, I am no longer seven years old and excitable by the mere sight of wrapped boxes. I know this sounds mean of me and that people mean well, but let’s just do us all a favour and dispense with the gift giving (the physical gift giving that is), lets disengage from consumer and hallmark expectations of ‘this is what you are meant to do on these special occasions such as birthdays’. Do you know what I much prefer? To spend quality time with those close to me- coffee/tea, chat, brunch, lunch or dinner, or even a quick pop in ... who cares, just as long as we are together!

One of the best birthday catch ups I have had in recent times was this past Saturday night. My mate B (no she is not a hip hopper) is 4 days older than me, so we generally catch up in between or around our birthdays and share a bite to eat. Saturday night saw B, Danni and I at Danni’s house (bless you bella!! As my place was a pigsty), where we munched on fish and chips, drank wine and enjoyed the great company… We chatted about anything and everything. We laughed much (as we always do), shared some serious moments, and as always, I left feeling blessed to have these people in my life. And !!!.. this is the yummo bit- Danni made a surprise for us.. She made Parfait with homemade amoretti biscuits!!! This woman is an amazing cook! (she is single, gorgeous, oozes style and taste- why oh why is she still single??? Another issue for me to raise with my dear friend Uni!). Anyway...Danni placed a candle on each of the 4 individual desserts and B and I were instructed to make 2 wishes each and then blow out the candles together... who would have thought that this gay man was no good at blowing and B had to finish off my two candles for me!! I ask you, where would I be without the women in my life?

So, what does this all mean?

Well it means,

If you want to give me gifts, I can’t stop you, but I would rather you didn’t, please (I ask very politely).

If you insist on gift giving then here are a few suggestions to make things easier for you and I:

1) you can create a mortgage free life for me (ie pay off my mortgage)

2) you can buy me good quality gin/Campari

3) you can create a mortgage free life for me.

However, I do ask you to consider-What is the point of giving gifts or cards when it is done because that’s ‘what we are meant to do’. For me, Saturday night highlights perfectly what a birthday is about. It’s a great excuse to get together and share life, laughs and more with those we love. It’s a reminder to call up or see a mate and say ‘I value you! And I probably don’t say it enough’. It’s not about the gifts or cards, it’s about us and that’s what really makes it special.

Just for you-The parfait:


  1. Happy birthday gorgeous boy.
    i'll always be there to blow out those candles for you...