Sunday, January 30, 2011

The week that was my holidays…

This past week I was off work on annual leave. I have a rule of thumb which is to never work on my birthday and this year, inspired by a friend’s reluctance to own up to a belated Christmas greeting, using all manner of excuses such as ‘Christmas octave’ and the ‘twelve days of Christmas’ as to why it was socially acceptable to provide a greeting 3 days after the day and not need to apologise or use the word ‘belated’… I decided to have a birthday octave of my own! If it’s good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me!! So… in the spirit of us all being children of God, I took a week off work to celebrate my birthday!!! Ok… so it was an Octave minus one. But who’s counting?

Ah the birthday Octave!!!! I ate much and was surrounded by such lovely company…There was dinner at Mums, dinner at Danni’s, dinner at the waiters Club with Julie and Denise, a Thai dinner in Westgarth with Nadia and lets not forget the brunches and lunches (in particular lunch on Mount Dandenong with Valda and the three wild Rosella's who kept us company)…

One of the loveliest things that happened to me on the day of my actual birthday (aside from mums roast lamb and dessert!!) was a friend called to say happy birthday and then said that his partner wanted to say something to me… The next moment ‘happy birthday’ was being played on the cello!!!  how utterly fabulous!!!  That was one of the best birthday phone calls ever!!!

Now… the birthday… I must admit to being a bit excited about my birthday (and it isn’t because I brought myself seasons 1 & 2 of “To the Manor Born’ on DVD) the reason that I am excited is that it has been foretold that I will meet my man before I am 40!!! Given that I have just turned 39… This has to finally be the year!! My last year of singleness!!!  YAY!!!!.. and Uni, mate.. if you are listening.. no excuses !! Even if these fortune tellers are wrong (as they usually are), don’t let them be.. If it means anything, there will be a few extra bucks in it for you if you pull through for me on this one matey!!

This birthday also say a few new things; the box set of Gavin and Stacey on DVD ( British comedy will save all of our souls), the latest ‘Crystal Castles’ cd (Which I am really loving), To the Manor Born (obviously) and  lastly, Nick Lowes ‘The impossible Bird’ on vinyl. All I want to say is – Birthday Money ROCKS!!!!! I did mention to a friend the other day… if you do insist on getting me something.. I would prefer cash..

Talking about gifts on my birthday, I did have a bottle of wine regifted back to me!!!  I had originally given this gift to a close person.. ok lets just come out and say it.. to a family member and they obviously didn’t realise that I had given this to them… and now they have regifted it back to me!!  I am all for re-gifting… and if this wine isn’t any good then I have no one to blame but myself!!!

Anyway.. despite my many highlights during this busy birthday octave, the definitive highlight  for me was sleeping in!! I love sleeping!!! Regardless of my frantic social schedule this past week, most afternoons found me lying on the couch with a pillow and blanket! I think next year I have the perfect gift to myself !!! I won’t tell anyone I have leave.. I will block out the dates in my diary, there will be no ‘after work’ meets, drinks or meals and I will spend the whole birthday octave either sleeping in, or laying on the couch with a pillow and my blanket!

Yes, I think this will be my birthday gift to myself next year and I think the birthday octave is here to stay!

Some clips for you:
The The Manor Born- Unfortunately all of the decent clips on youtube, were 9 minutes or more longer.. feel free to explore at your leisure if you are not familiar with this brilliant TV program. 

Gavin and Stacey: This clip barely has the main actors in it, all of the supporting actors are 'strong', everyone has great lines...and the writing quality is consistent!

Crystal Castles- 'Baptism'.. channelling the best bits of Alec Empire and Electronic/dance music.. Is it music? Is it good? Is it a little warped?.. you betcha!!!

Lastly, Something to soothe the savage beast in us all...
Nick Lowe's 'The beast in me" from the LP 'The Impossible bird'. Originally written for and performed by his father in law Johnny Cash!!
This song was also used in the Sopranos... It makes perfect sense!!!


  1. Yes, next birthday you will spend your week wrapped in a blanket ... and probably rocking back and forth and chanting "no, it can't be true" ... turning 40 is like that, and it's all downhill from there :(

  2. Cool!!!! Can't wait :-)

    OMG- Brianflash!!! I could have a themed 'it's all down hill from here' 40th par-tay!!!!!
    everyone comes as their favourite 'past it's use by date' thing... person, TV show, concept...

    Hurry up 40!!!!!
    cause I'm gonna Par -tay, when I'm Four-tay !!!
    Hey Hey hey, Yo yo Yay!
    Gonna Par-tay, When I'm Four-Tay
    Yippe Yi Yay, yippe Yi Yay!!!

    I think I missed my calling in life.. Jay-Z, Kane West, Matthew Schiavello... I could have been a contender..If only I dared to Live the dream.. and to dream big....
    I just want to say to all my fans out there- Don't do drugs...Do dreams...

  3. Who's Brian ... and why is he flashing?

  4. Brian is the the name i give my Brain..
    It used to be James...but then i meet a really smart man called Brian and thought... this is who I aspire to be!!!
    If I can't be as smart as Brian, I hope to at least be able to spell better :-)