Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Something old, Something new, Something borrowed and Something blue: May 2011

Something old:

Billy Holiday! The description for this states that it was in  Newark, NJ, 10/July/1958.
Live Lady Day.. say no more!

Billie Holiday- "What A Little Moonlight Can Do"

Something new:

Two new tunes. Firstly, Adele. A mate recommended that I check out an episode of 'the Graham Norton' show that she was on.. she was hilarious, really down earth and an amazing singer. Here is a remix of a song of her new L.P. '21'. Jamie from The Xx remixes this (yes he is everywhere, seems like only yesterday he released the remix L.P. of Gil Scott-Heron's 'I'm new here', retitled 'We're new here').

Adele- 'Rolling in the deep' (Jamie xx remix ft Childish Gambino)

Next is the magnificent, My Morning Jacket and a track off the forthcoming LP "Curcuital". Something about this track reminds me a little (and in a good way) of  Electrelane's L.P. The "power Out', and in particular the track "The Valleys"... but Jim James and crew take the idea up a notch and make this theirs.

My Morning Jacket-"Holding on to black metal"

Something borrowed:
In 2001, Mary Lou Lord self-released an L.P. called 'Live city sounds'. Which was essentially Mary playing a bunch of tunes live in a Boston subway. It is raw, you can hear the trains, the passersby and all the mistakes, it is honest and simply lovely! Here is her cover of a Bob Dylan song, and I have to say I much prefer her version to Bob's original!

Mary Lou Lord- "You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go".

Last but not least,

Something blue:

This next track by Fleet foxes was posted recently, well the LP version was,  this live version highlights not only how amazing they are, but also how magical the city of Paris can be! The track itself, starts properly in at 2.30mins and is recorded in "La Grand Palais". At the beginning of the clip we have a few shots of the band sitting on grass in front of 'La Grand Palais' and it brings up my own memories of last year, when my friend Mary and I picnicked with some young Parisians in the same spot! We talked, drank Ricard, played several games of  Pétanque and then once it was night, Mary and I wondered drunkenly through the streets towards and under the Eiffel tower... a story for another day.


Fleet Foxes- 'Blue Ridge Mountains' (live and acoustic)

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