Sunday, September 25, 2011

Darkness and Light: 'Where I end and you begin' & 'Five scenes from the City'

"Where I end and You begin"

Sometimes it’s hard to know where you end and I begin.
The boundary line between
your idea’s and suggestions, and my own
is a hazy blur where I no longer feel real. I no longer feel
like a defined entity,
an individual. 
I am but an extension of you.

I love you but I do not want this.

I love you but I want my freedom and don’t know how to break away without hurting you in the process.

I am drowning in your love and over protectiveness.
I am drowning in your ‘help’ and ‘concern’.
I am drowning in you.
I am loosing who I am,
I feel lost and desperate.

In your desire to ‘help’ you have made me helpless and dependent.
I am suffocated.

(I am suffocated)

I don’t know where I begin. 
I don’t think I even do.
I am looking out  from inside of me
and all I can see
is you.

Radiohead: Where I end and you begin (the sky is falling in).

"Five scenes from the City"

Branching out above me:

Lights coming on- In preparation of evening:

Melbourne's bicycles waiting to be used:

Collins St, 5.45pm Friday:

Through the branches of the Elm- The Melbourne town hall clock tower:

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