Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bogan ROCK Day!!!

Bogan rock, come on, we bag them, but secretly and not-so-secretly we LOVE the tunes!!!!
Who doesn't like a bit of Akka Dakka, Farnsey, Barnsey etc? Come on Aussie, Come on, Come on!!!
I bet you started singing along to that one... Ahhhh AHHH! Howzat! .. yeah.. maybe not, maybe I am just showing my age?

Anyway the 26th of January, aside from being my dad's birthday, is also Invasion day or Australia day, depending which side of the socio-political fence you sit on. Today I am going to focus on music and air some great classic Aussie tunes! So sit back, crack open a tinnie, slap on some zinc, pop on ya best blue Bonds singlet, ya new thongs, ya Stubbies/Hard Yakka, or King Gee shorts, make sure you have a fair bit of bum crack showing and enjoy the 26th of January, which I am officially changing the name to - Bogan Rock day!!!

( For the haters out there, you know who you are, I have some non-bogan Aussie tunes towards the end of the list!)

Australian Crawl- "Beautiful People"

Cold Chisel - "Flame Trees".  It was either this or Khe Sanh either way, you can't go wrong!

The Divinyls - "Boys in Town"

Paul Kelly and the Coloured girls - "To her door"

And now for a couple of cool Aussie non-bogan tunes..

INXS: "Don't change". Ok, Some Bogans Like INXS, so this is bogan borderline rock, either way this tune ROCKS and I love they way they start off on the back of a ute!!!!!! Call me crazy..but I would date the keyboard player based on his outfit in this clip! I do like a sensibly dressed man.

Jimmy Little covering The Church's "Under the Milkyway". I loved this Lp when it came out! Total legend and a total legendary tune!

The Go-Betweens - "Cattle and Cane". Legendary band and tune!

After hearing all these solid tunes... All I will say is forget 'Advance Australia Fair', any of the tunes posted here should be the our National Anthem (or Waltzing Matilda). Come on,  Fair suck of the sav!
OMG!  how passionately would we all sing along to 'Don't Change' or 'Flame trees' ????
No dinky di Aussie knows the words to Advance Australia Fair.... But some Aussie rock???  Too right! "Don't change for you, Don't change a thing..for me!'..  I reckon those words kick lame-o  'Australian's all let us rejoice, for we are young and free' for a bloody sixer! And Mate, don't even get me started on The Angels and 'Am I ever gonna see your face again' !!!!


  1. happy australia day Matthew. i am wearing a bonds singlet as i type. seriously. and i just love ac/dc. flame trees is one of my fave songs although i'm not really a cold chisel fan, i like a few of their songs. love the divynls. the others are ok too. enjoy your day whatever you get up to. don't we all have a little bit of bogan buried deep inside? some more than others :)

  2. Hi Yevisha,
    I hope you are enjoying your day in your blue bonds singlet.. My little baby bump means I can't get away with wearing one in public, But that doesn't stop me from privately embracing my inner bogan!!!

  3. hi again. it's grey and i wouldn't be seen dead in it in public. omg. singlets in public. never. it's for sleeping only :) sorry tmi. hope your day was good. i just stopped by to listen to flame trees again, and maybe a little divynls.