Friday, January 20, 2012

Visitors, being a tourist and photos - Jan 2011

I recently had a guest here from overseas, So I did all of the nice host things including taking the guest about town and the state!. We went to; Daylesford, The Twelve Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, The Otways,  The Yarra Valley, as well as many City and Inner suburban sites. Here are some pictures from the Twelve Apostles Trip.

Standard shot of a couple of  'Apostles':

Despite the spectacular nature of the Apostles, I seemed drawn to the low growing coastal flora, as you can see below:

Variations on an unknown plant #1:

Variations on an unknown plant #2:

And now for something not so completely different:

At Loch Ard Gorge, signs of bush fires were all around. The black burnt out shrubs looked surreal. I wish I could have captured the feel better:

The thin Wispy clouds in the sky:

The next day we went to Williamstown beach. It was really hot and the beach was full. As all of the covered and shady areas were taken, we walked across the road and lay on the grass at the Botanical Gardens. This is the view above me, the trees and sky, so beautiful, serene and shady!:


  1. great shots matty!
    love the 'unknown plant' series the best!

  2. Love those photos! I can't wait to do a few day trips to see some amazing sites when I am back home! Did your visitors enjoy the sites?

  3. Did my visitor enjoy the sites?
    Hello!!! we are talking about the State of Victoria!!! Whats not to love??? Only a self absorbed fool would not enjoy it!

  4. great photos Matthew. what a good host you are :)