Saturday, February 25, 2012

new records!

Before I start, let me share my excitement that the blog called  'Wok and spoon' is back! A good friend started this years before I ever thought of blogging, and now that the young children are at a point where mum, can sneak a couple of minutes to herself. Wok and Spoon is back and has a yum recipe. If you have time, do check it out.

Now... me, me me!!!!

Speaking of which, I treated myself (for my birthday), with some new vinyl. Being online purchases means these are only recent arrivals (yes they took that long to arrive).  However, better late than never! So now, let me share these little beauties with you.

First off the starting block is The Black Keys and their Lp- 'El Camino'.

A sticker on the cover of this Lp advises to play it loud! It is such a great,fun and rocking record... and yes.. play it loud!

'Dead and Gone':

Kate Bush- '50 words for snow'

'50 words for snow' is a beautiful and meditative record. Every time I listen to this I feel that I should be curled up in front of a fire, with winters rain or snow falling against the window and this record playing in the background.

Wild man (segment of track with animation). This is one of the more 'groove driven' tracks on the LP.

Little Dragon- 'Ritual Union'

The great title track 'Ritual Union' was posted on a past blog. Click here for their great tune 'Ritual union' performed live!.  Let me remind you that this tune can in at number 82 on Triple J's hottest 100!

Pet Shop Boys- 'Format'. A collection of B-sides and bonus tracks from 1996-2009. I love the  cover of this collection. Unfortunately this is not on vinyl, but cd.

The pet shop boys are famous for the high quality of their B-sides, as this compilation demonstrates. Here is the Pet Shop Boys with Elton John- 'In Private' (7 inch version). This track was originally written for Dusty Springfield and appeared on her 1991 LP 'Reputation'. Let me dedicate this track to the married 'straight' men out there, who say one thing in private, but something different in public.

Lastly, Lana Del Rey- 'Born to Die'.. poor thing... so many haters, so what if she changed her name, her look (including lip injections (not that I agree with it)), but judge her on her music, not how she looks.. Sure her SNL performance was a bit dodgy, but she was great On 'Live later with Jools Holland'!! I guess everyone has a bad day ...

Her beautiful track Video Games was posted on a prior blog. Click here to see her great clip for 'Video Games'. Let me remind you that this song came in at number 6 on Triple J's Hottest 100!


  1. Thanks for the mention! Do they still make vinyl??? hehe!

    1. 'Do they still make vinyl'? Wash your mouth out with soap!!!!

  2. hi Matthew, thanks for the blog suggestion. it's good. vinyl? i have all of my old vinyls. miss bassey's entire discography, some nina, all of bob's of course and various odds and sods. i must have had many more over the years but i've no idea where they are now. i know i gave away my jacques lousier plays bach. wonderful stuff. i replaced them with cds. i know i know. not cool. :)

    1. Yevisha, I had no idea who jacques lousier was.. just checked on You-tube... and I like :-) Thanks for that!
      As for cd's.. let me say that with the advent of Mp3's cd's will soon be the new vinyl!!! err if you know what I mean ;-)

      just between you and I, I still sometimes listen to cassettes ;-)