Saturday, April 28, 2012

All things Melbourne Part 2- from twilight to night

The Melbournian fast approaching his twilight years:

When I was younger, an uncle often referred to me as a 'trendsetter'!.. Now I wonder if it was code for something other than 'fashionable' . Anyway, we Melbournians, are trendsetters.. and I don't mean code for Gay, sure some of us are, some of us are metrosexual even ( I am never sure if that is code for bi-sexual, or bi-curious). We love anything as long as it comes in black... well that is not completely true.. just kind of.   Oh.. did I say that already??   Ekkk!! Surely a sign of age. Another sign is my tetchiness and strong unfaltering feelings (or are these just stereotypes of aging?). Recently I have found myself saying 'no, I don't like that!', in a tone that screams 'don't even dare to question this! On a recent Sunday night photo shoot (samples of which, will be below), I was out way past my bedtime. I think a clock struck 10.30pm as I smiled smugly. I was clever enough to bring my nice wool cardigan, which was now keeping me warm. I recall noticing with much disapproval, not only the numbers of young people out and about! I couldn't help but wonder why their parents were allowing them out at this hour, shouldn't they be in bed, if not, then surely there are things to be done- Chores, homework etc. But my oh my!, I was mostly unhappy about how under dressed for such cool weather these young people were. My head turned from side to side and as my lips pursed. I was not happy at all. It was not all bad news though, as I did see a couple of younger people dressed appropriately and to these young people I smiled approvingly and felt reassured that when the reigns of power are handed down, we will all be ok in the hands of these particular young people... obviously not the under dressed ones.. because if they can't even work out what to wear on a cool night, how the hell are they going to manage a whole country??? 

Ok,  enough about the prematurely aged person- me. As we left off last week at Birrarung Marr, it is only fitting that we begin again from there! So prepare yourself for:

The city from twilight to night.

The rowing sheds and Southbank skyline, across the Yarra river:

Because of a combination of factors, such as slow shutter speed, twlight etc I think this photograph is left looking more like an artist's impression of what the bridge will look like once it is built, rather than the actual photograph that it is!!

Twilight in a lane with the beautiful Dani.. note the eaterys!

The Arts Precinct:

yes I love this sign.... I think I took 20 shots of it.... obsessed?.. maybe :-)

In and around the Arts Center:

Cool lit door way in the arts precinct:

Our proof that we are cultured- The Arts Center on a cloudy night:

Looking across the Yarra river to the city, around 11pm on a cloudy night.

The city on a cloudless night:

and here my friends, is where we say goodnight.
My bed awaits me, as does yours await you.

all photographs, copyright Matthew Schiavello 2012.


  1. Again, Matthew. Lovely words and photos! Makes me wish I were there.

    1. Thanks Martin,
      we all wish you were here. Even Melbourne herself has said as much!

  2. wow. the colour in those shots are incredible. Particularly LOVE that green door. just stunning

  3. Great shots lad, I love the composition of the last one.

    1. Thanks Ric!
      Very kind of you to say.. you know that you are my unofficial photographic mentor ;-)

  4. 'Twilight years'?? How old do you think you are?!!