Saturday, May 26, 2012

When two artists meet- Melbourne by night

One recent Sunday night, Tomboy Bill and I met up for an evening of photography. We walked about Melbourne town wearing our scarves and beanies, taking many a photo. At one point I was mistaken for a homeless person (not that there is anything wrong with that!). It wasn't all creative stuff though, Tomboy Bill and I did manage to stop for pie, dodgy mash and rock hard muffin's. Tomboy Bill was Artistic Director and I followed instructions to the T! I had to, otherwise...... Seriously though, we talked, inspired each other, spotted things, we talked lighting, angle and 'feel', we took turns to carry the equipment about and in taking the shots. Anyway, here are some of the results:

"Ahh, So that is where Bennetts lane is!", we exclaimed in unison.

A handsome and single man waiting:

Stumbling through Melbourne's dingy and grotty lanes:

The light that guided us home:

All photographs, Copyright Matthew Schiavello  2012

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Autumn- an afternoon in the park and other images

An Afternoon in the park:
Recently a I met up with a friend and her family to take some photographs of her son. We went to a local park where the young and cute son, did his thing.. which meant it was almost impossible to get him to stay still or to look at the camera. My friend has kindly allowed these images to be shared....
So, please enjoy- 'An Autumn afternoon in the park'.

These next photographs are from some Autumn walks and I am imaginatively calling these- 'Other Autumn images'.

I love Autumn!

All photographs copyright Matthew Schiavello 2012

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The good, the bad and the Ugly- May 2012

The Good: Friends.

They say a friend in need, is a friend in deed. Recently, I was in a pickle and needed to email some example 'headshots' to someone. I only had a couple of days, and was really busy with other work... one frantic email and many kind friends lined up to be models! Bless them for saving my neck. Here are a variety of shots that friends have kindly 'modeled' for me.


The Bad: Being single for too long.

I think I may have been single for too is why:

Recently I was wined, dined and had the most magnificent evening .. ever! Actually, I think I may have met 'The One'! Sick of waiting to be asked out, I decided to take myself out. In fact, I made a night of it. Pre-dinner drinks, nice meal at a posh place and even more drinks. I was witty. I was a real gentleman. I opened doors for myself, whenever I needed to sit, I pulled my chair out for myself and pushed it in afterwards... I sparkled, I shone, I made myself feel like a million dollars! Genuine compliment's were generously handed out and I, oh how I made myself laugh! I am such a funny and warm guy! What fun the royal 'we' had that night! Did I mention charm? Gosh, I have never met anyone so charming!

After such a marvelous time, I had to invite myself back for a night cap. On the way home in the back of the taxi, as we tenderly held hands, I caught myself excitedly wondering if I might be 'the one'. I am everything I would want in a man! When we arrived at my place, some serious aromatherapy happened, as did a lot of candles and muzak. Oh yes, the mood was set for my man and I. Let me tell you my friends, that I was not disappointed. It was everything I thought it would be and more! I was gentle, I was passionate, I was full of surprises and I loved me like no other. In the morning, I was still there! I didn't sneak out on myself during the small hours of the morning, leaving a note that made me feel cheap and dirty... No, I stayed and even made myself breakfast. Fingers crossed, because I think this might be it!

The Ugly: Imitation as a form of flattery?

It’s not easy being me. I try and do my thing and suddenly everyone else is doing it.  You just have to see me to know that I am a style maker. Forty,  short, bald and tubby… oh.. and the glasses.  Even that is being imitated!!  Every time I walk down the street, I am faced with copies of me… albeit lesser copies. Over Easter I visited my brother and discovered he’d stolen my latest style invention ‘the beard’. I had just made a change from my old ‘thing’ -the constant three day growth.. which he (yes, my brother again) recently copied. WTF? And if you know what ‘WTF’ means.. then you know that yet another of my ‘things’ has been stolen…. It’s a hard life.. a friend of mine is the worst.. lets just call her Paula (because that is the thief’s name), she steals everything I write!  Just for the record, the use and overuse of exclamation marks is mine!!!!!  As is starting an email with ‘hey’. Misspelling and poor grammar- yep, who’s ya daddy? I, matthew laurence schiavello,  invented those little beauties.  I could go on about it, but I tired of ‘going on about things’ ages ago and gladly let the imitators keep that one.. even though they still don’t get the subtle nuances of it. Anyway, Is it a form of flattery when people steal your thing? If I was rich and cashed up to the eye balls, I'd smile and see it as flattery, but whilst I am scrounging through rubbish bins for my dinner (yet another of my little beauties.. I am calling this one 'poverty').. I'm kind of feeling like it is stealing.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue- May

Something Old

I had this post ready to go this morning and as I gave it a once over, sad news came over the radio that Adam Yauch From the Beastie Boys had died after a battle with cancer of the parotid salivary glandI grew up with the Beastie Boys and their first LP 'Licensed to ill' was one of the first cd's I ever bought. I still have the 7 Inch of 'Fight for your right to party' as well as a few other of their early singles. Their next record 'Pauls Boutique' blew my little mind with its brilliant use of samples. The boys came from a punk background and played a few different styles of music. So, Adam, thanks for the music and the inspiration! You and the band have a great DIY spirit and you made me feel that I could get out there and make music as well!

Off their third lp- 'Check your head', here is chilled and very cool track: Beastie Boy's- 'Something's got to give' 

This next artist and the clip, speak for themselves: Kate Bush-  'Wuthering Heights.'

And now for something completely not different at all:
Noel Fielding dancing brilliantly to Wuthuring Heights (From 'Let's dance for Comic Relief'). 

Something New

Plan B- "Ill Manors"- I don't condone violence and destruction of property, especially against the innocent...  This song is not a glamorization of violence, don't misunderstand it. There is an interview below that talks about what the song is about, what inspired the artist and what needs to be done.. even that aside, as a standalone track there is energy, grit, great drums, menacing strings and importantly  brilliant lines like:

"Keep on believing what you read in the papers  
council estate kids, scum of the earth"

"Feed the fear, that's what we've learned"


"Oi! I said Oi!  
What you looking at you little rich boy!  
We're poor 'round here, run home and lock your door  
don't come 'round here no more, you could get robbed for Real... "

There is so much in this song that I want to share, but will leave you to discover yourself. I will say that Plan B voices what needs to be voiced. He is real. On Plan B, I recall some really gritty, uncomfortable and confronting raps from him 'round 2005 or earlier.. more recently he seemed to change tack and add a soul/ r'n b sound to his tune and singing.. which was great, but I am happy to hear him back with his gritty story telling.  

Here is the the interview in which Plan B (Benjamin Paul Ballance-Drew) talks about the tune and inspiration... as noted from a discussion post from someone on you-tube: "All problems of a class society. Chav is a derogatory term for the working class. In a class society the upper classes look down on the lower classes. Ads and magazine say you've got to have the right trainers and clothes. If you can't afford them then you feel devalued and feel looked down upon. So when riots occur is it no wonder people who cant afford these things take them. Social revolution into a classless society is the only solution to these antagonisms"

In the interview, Plan B also states that we are all animals and when backed in a corner we lash out.. it is a primal instinct and exists regardless of class.  He asks why aren't aren't the London riots still being discussed and questions raised about why it happened and how do we prevent it from happening again.

If you have time, this is a really interesting listen and is great to hear this stuff from someone who isn't an academic.

Something Borrowed:

'Samson'- from the TV show "The Voice'. Sung by Casey Withoos. Originally a Regina Spektor tune. I hadn't heard this song before and I loved it immediately! 

Something Blue.

This is also cheekily something borrowed.... Bluejuice and their cover of Lana Del Rey's - 'Video Games'. This has a great swing, shuffle feel to it and it grooves subtly.. I like it!

Bluejuice - Video Games (Lana Del Rey cover, from Triple J's Like A Version. Please note that the tune starts around the 1.30 mark)