Friday, March 29, 2013

chilling out to the sounds of the 80's

A few weeks back a couple of us drove up to Daylesford for Chill Out's carnival day. One of the passengers kindly made a mix tape (ok,  a mix on the i-pod) and accommodated another passengers specific request of some 80's music.. Well, I have to say that when the 80's tunes came on,  there was lots of singing and toe tapping. This Easter weekend a mate and I are driving up through Western Victoria to take some landscape photos and she may do some sketches. In aid of this trip and in remembrance of the fun we had a few weeks back, an 80's mix was made up for the journey and as I am in an 80's kind of mood, I thought I'd share some of the tunes that will be playing loudly as we relive our childhoods and drive down country back roads tapping out toes and singing loudly (off-key of course)!. Yes, there could be a billion or more great tunes added to what is here (ok, slight exaggeration), but I have only posted a couple... Let me know your own 80's favourites and why!

Pat Benatar- 'Love is a battlefield'

Bruce Springsteen- 'Dancing in the dark'

Cyndi Lauper- 'Time after time'

Bananarama- 'Cruel Summer'

The Bangles- 'Walk like an Egyptian'

A-ha- 'Take on me'

The Dream Academy- 'Life in a Northern Town'

Big Country- 'In a Big Country'


  1. I love 'Life in a Northern Town' Matthew. Do you know a-ha's 'October,' my favourite of theirs?

    1. Hi gardener, many thanks for checking out the blog and commenting! I must say that i owned and loved to bits the 'hunting high and low' Lp (I also loved the cover photograph), but really didn't know much else from A-ha. Thanks for sharing this song, it is nice and i dare say I'll give it a few more listens on recommendation!

  2. As an official Old Fart(e) who thought all music dipped into the bog following the Beatles' breakup AND who first appreciated MTV/Music Television pretty late- your most glaring omissions clearly were:

    Simple Minds' 'Don't You Forget about Me'

    Scritti Politti's 'Perfect Way'


    2. Dear self proclaimed old fart, thanks for reading and sharing...
      Thanks for reminding us all that Simple Minds ARE the 80's!!!
      I had not heard of Danny Wilson & 'Mary's Prayer'.. i guess it never made it across the sea to us... but I have to thank you for it and for it's gloriously 80's video clip!! Fan-80's-tastic!

  3. As a baby in the 80's the following are drilled into my memory:
    Simple Minds - Don't you forget about me
    Madonna - Material Girl
    INXS - By my side
    Yazz and the Plastic population - The only way is up

    and an honourable mention goes to the song of the year in my birth year - I'll let the link do the talking

    1. OMG you Rickrolled me!!!!!!
      Great list of tunes, but if I was to choose but one Madonna tune... It would probably be 'Borderline' or something from the 80's film 'Desperately seeking Susan'! (like: 'Into the groove')
      Thanks for commenting and reading!!!