Saturday, June 8, 2013

new music - June 2013

 I bumped into a mate a few days back after having just brought a new record and his response was something along the lines of  'don't you have enough records'?  pfftt  as if all records are the same, silly man! I then realised that I hadn't shared any new vinyl purchases in a while....

So, here are some new albums and some not so new albums:

The Strokes- Comedown Machine:

I have this lp on my ipod and rarely shuffle or skip tracks, the whole Lp works. I loved it so much I brought the vinyl. Here is the track 'slow animals'.

The Strokes- 'Slow Animals'

Billy Bragg- Tooth and Nail:

 Off his new LP (which is very consistent in its quality), the one cover off the album is of course a Woody Guthrie track called 'I ain't got no home'.

Billy Bragg- 'I ain't got no home'

Beatles- Let it be naked:

If you have just arrived on Earth, you may not know that the Beatles Lp, 'Let it be', was re-released without Phil Spector's overdubs, strings and with a slightly different track list, and was re-titled 'Let it be...naked'.
Here is a track off it:

The Beatles- The long and winding road:

Yo La Tengo - Fade:

Off the new Yo La Tengo album, which I mentioned in a recent blog post, here is the last track titled - 'Before we run'', with visuals by Emily Hubley.

Yo La Tengo- 'Before we run'

and yes there is more!  It has been a while after all!

Quiet Heart: the Best of the Go-Betweens

The Go-Betweens are a great Australian band. Iconic even! There are so many songs from this compilation that I could have chosen from and some I had already posted on this blog over the years, so instead of one of their more known tracks or 'hit's', I've chosen to post this lesser known track originally from 2005's LP "Oceans apart' called 'Darlinghurst Nights'. with opening lyrics such as:

"I opened a notebook, it read “The Darlinghurst Years”
I snapped it shut but out jumped some tears "

The Go-Between's- Darlinghurst nights


  1. some good ones in there. as you know, i am rather fond of billy b. :)

    1. That is a sure sign that you have great taste in music ;-)

  2. Matthew, I'm wanting to get rid of my vinyls. If you want any, they're yours. You may, of course, not want any, and that's fine. Let me know and I'll arrange something. Faisal.