Friday, September 27, 2013

The last sister to be married.

In June this year my sister Leanne recently married Frank. She is the youngest of my four sisters and the last to be married. At the wedding my aunty asked me when will I get married and I replied when the law here allows it. I have posted some of these images on facebook, but thought I'd share them here.

Leanne and Frank- Bride and Groom

My nephew and one of his very mischievous looks:

My beautiful stepmother-the mother of the bride, looks on:

Now that the church bit is done, my brother and brother in-laws' head off for a quick drink before the official reception. Choosing a cocktail is a very serious affair!:

My niece looks up at mum and aunty:

My brother did a good job as M.C. and is  below captured in a very Las Vegas moment:

My dad gives a speech as my brother looks on in the wings- 'Stand back junior and watch how it is done!':

Father and daughter dance:

One of my sisters tried taking a few shots of me, on my own and with others, this one was in focus. Another of my infamous non-smiling photos:

All photographs copyright matthew schiavello 2013.


  1. what a beautiful bride and indeed the whole family. it looks like it was a very special wedding. you have a beautiful smile, you should use it more. :)

    1. Aww thanks Yevisha! I need to recall comments like yours when I am standing in front of the camera, then i will smile ;-)

  2. some great shots there...
    that photo of your cheeky nephew, is gold!