Thursday, February 20, 2014

New music Feb 2014

While I am busy doing a gazillion things and yet to work on more of my Amsterdam holiday photos (yep, can you believe it?), I thought a music post was long overdue.

Here are some recent musical purchases:

I am really enjoying the track 'Easy Easy' off 19 year old English artist- King Krule's Lp  '6 feet below the moon'. I haven't purchased the Lp, as nothing else I heard from it 'grabbed me', but this tune did.

King Krule- 'Easy Easy'

The Cairos are an aussie group ( I think from Brisbane), that I heard on Triple J a few times and this single really grew on me.

The Cairos - 'Obsession'.

Laura Veirs has a new album titled 'Warp and Weft'. I have liked her for a while and missed the last few albums. Listening to this new one, I am prompted to get off my butt and track down the albums I missed.

Laura Veirs-'Sun Song':

Saskwatch are a 9 piece soul/ R & B band from Melbourne. Local! Yay! This tune is so damn catchy I had to buy it for the car!

Saskwatch -'Hands'

This next track is by New York duo/group Phantogram. There is something about this single I like, but at the same time feel it is a little cold. I am slightly reminded of Melbourne group Alpine, expect Alpine are a lot warmer sounding.

Phantogram- 'Fall in love'


  1. Hello Matthew:

    Whilst we might not share exactly the same musical taste [and who cares an iota about that?], we do completely identify with your wonderfully eclectic blog which we have happily fallen across through that of our dear friend, Faisal, of 'Gardener in the Distance'. It is indeed rather refreshing to come across someone else who does not necessarily see a problem in being crazy. Our own craziness extends to our resident Mad Boy who never fails to delight us with his antics.

    We have signed ourselves as Followers; should you need to know more about us, then we are simply a click away.

    1. Hello Jane and Lance! Thank you so much for checking out my humble little blog, following it and more so, for saying hello.
      warm regards

  2. Ah! I love new music from new sources!

    Greetings from Minneapolis,


    1. Hello Pearl!
      thank you for stopping by,
      matthew in Melbourne, Australia.