Thursday, May 7, 2015

new music- May 2015

Some new and not so new, things I am listening to.

Laura Marling:
I love this woman's work. This track, is off her her fifth LP titled 'Short Movie'. I have all of them and just added this to my vinyl collection. I also downloaded this track off i-tunes and it is played on repeat as I walk the streets!

Laura Marling-False Hope:

Sylvan Esso.
This group kind of slipped by me. Their self titled Lp was released mid 2014. This track came up on my radar recently and I had this nagging feeling I had heard this song before. I am really enjoying this track and especially the sounds used in it.

Sylvan Esso- Coffee.

TV On The Radio.
I haven't loved much by TV On The Radio over the past few years, but stumbled across this great live version of their track - 'Careful', originally off their latest LP 'Seeds', this recording is from the brilliant program 'Morning becomes Eclectic'.

TV On The Radio' 'careful (live):

The Twerps.
Melbourne group, doing well overseas in Indie circles. I like this track, but whenever I hear the opening to it, I can't help but think that it reminds me of another song, but I can't figure out which one! This track was released late last year.

The Twerps- 'Back to you'

Shelby Lynne
A friend put me onto 'live from Daryl's' house' a while back.. but I kind of forgot about it till now. Daryl is he of Hall and Oates fame. The premise is simple and well executed, he invites musos into his space and jams with them. This is Shelby Lynne and her beautiful song Leaving (off her 2000 LP 'I am Shelby Lynne)', which has not aged one bit!

Shelby Lynne- Leavin' (live from Daryl's house)

Alabama Shakes.
Their first Lp 'Boys & Girls', was brilliant and their follow up 'Sound & Color' show they are definitely not one trick ponies, but are a musical force to be reckoned with. I was listening to the Lp recently and kept getting distracted by bits and thinking 'this is brilliant!'

Alabama Shakes- 'Don't wanna fight' (Live on Letterman).

all tracks copyright of the respective artists.


  1. A lovely song and voice, in Sylvan Esso, Coffee, Matthew!

    1. Hello friend! i am glad you enjoyed it. many thanks for having a listen :-)