Thursday, February 18, 2016

Images from a year ago and some music!

I often forget I have images on my computer.... well not so much forget that I have them, but forget to go back and look at them, select the ones I like and 'work on them'.  I get so busy that it falls off my 'to do list'. Here are some from Feb 2015.

I am in the midst of getting an exhibition ready. There is a lot of behind the scenes work involved and I wish I could instead just create the work and let someone else do the crap stuff... maybe one day!
I have been listening to some new music. Here are a couple of songs.

I heard about Julia Holter's Lp 'Have you in my wilderness' album recently, heard this next track, loved it and orderd it.

Julia Holter- 'Feel you'

Sufjan Stevens  released an album titled 'Carrie and Lowell' to much acclaim in 2015. He mostly sang about his relationship with his mother 'Carrie' and included his step father 'Lowell' (whom is the director of the record label he co-founded with Sufjan). He may not sound interesting, but I suspect you will change your mind as I did after hearing this track.

Sufjan Stevens - 'I should have known better'

All images copyright matthew schiavello 2015.
Music copyright of the respective artist.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Some new images- Feb 2016

Here are some new abstract images, which are inspired strongly by my early style of photographing torn paper/posters.

 The detail of a painted surface, damaged and fading:

More torn images:

All images copyright matthew schiavello 2016.