Wednesday, April 27, 2016

New Music April 2016

It seems like a while since I posted some new music.

Here is what I have been listening to lately.

The new Parquet Courts  LP "Human Performance' is a bit loose, DIY (in a produced way) and has some great little moments like this one-

Parquet Courts - 'Berlin got blurry'

The Pet Shop Boys have a new Lp out called 'Super'. It is produced by Stuart Price, who did the last LP and this is apparently the second of a trilogy. I really like the pet Shop Boys, but can't help but think that anyone could be singing over these sounds, which sound a bit samey and lack the tonal and musical variety of albums like 'Fundamental'. I do like 'Pop Kids' though.

Pet Shop Boys- 'Pop Kids'

Aussie group 'The Drones' have released a new LP titled 'Feelin Kind of Free'. If you like loose, raw (and with a bit of sonic noise) and interesting Aussie music, then this is well worth a listen. This slower track is a favourite-

The Drones - 'To think that I once loved you'

Lastly, Prince has passed away. Many people will have a favourite Prince track or Lp. I have several and grew up with many of his LP's. Here is a track that never seems to sound old to me.

Prince- 'When Doves Cry'

All music copyright the respective artists.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

New ventures in art

I have been taking some art classes for a little while now, as I have no formal training in art. We have been recently looking at colour theory and how to use the three primary colours (red, yellow and Blue) to mix other colours. My teacher works mainly in watercolour, but  recently had me try acrylic paint and I really love it! Here are some things I tried out on my own after my first acrylic class.
These are my own designs and I also mixed my own colours..

This last one, also has ink used in it.

I am excited to see what else my teacher has me do next!

all work, copyright matthew schiavello. 2016.