Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Music from a time gone by........

The title of the blog post, may make it sounds as if I was going to share music from a bygone era, where people huddled round a camp fire and road on horseback, but the truth is, this is music from when I was much younger. I stumbled across one of these bands the other day, in a blog post on Double J radio about Aussie bands from the 90's and it prompted this post.

Big Heavy Stuff- 'May'. I love the line "I should have known better than to wish, I wished too hard and then it slipped through my fingers"...

Tumbleweed- 'Sundial'.  This track reminds me of going to the Big Day's out, when they first started up in Melbourne.

Front end Loader- 'Pulse'. This track is still on my i-pod (is that the modern equivalent of a walkman?). The love the line 'at the end of your life, who gets to decide that it's over?'

Regurgitator- "blubber boy". This track has a word in it which may be offensive to some or many (most people never pick up on the word).  This was and possibly still is, a band that was awesome and so energetic live.

Skunkhour- 'up to our necks in it': This song still resonates. Really great stuff. Urban poetry wrapped in soulful, lite funk and jazz sounds'.

Magic Dirt- 'Pace it': Adalita  Is such a rock goddess. Magic Dirt a band I dipped in and out off over the years and along the way, really liking a few tracks. This is fun and energetic. It is still on my i-pod. Though I love the spikey raw edges to their sound, this is pretty polished sounding (for them!).

Gerling- 'Death to the apple gerls': Ahh Gerling. How I loved your debut LP. I played it and played it and still sometimes listen to it in my studio. The singles from the LP (aside from this one- which has swear words censored out), were different mixes and in some cases almost completely different songs (ie. 'Enter, Space Capsule'). I loved that and it gave me much reason to buy the singles as well.

Dave Graney and the coral snakes-'rock n roll is where I hide' (live): What can I saw about Mr Graney? He is so, so good. This track is one of my favourites and if you listen to the lyrics, it is a  great little story. Trainspotter note:I once peed next to him at a toilet urinal at the Prince of Wales hotel.. I was so excited at the time and wanted to say hello and tell him how much I love his music, but felt it may be a little odd! This recording was from 'Recovery', which was a great Saturday morning music show on ABC.

All music copyright the individual artists.

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