Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Local music

Recently I have been really enjoying some music which just happens to be local, or local-ish.

DMA's their LP 'Hills End' is really strong and well worth exploring. They are from Sydney and sounds like they have a bit of a brit-pop/oasis influence, which is especially noticeable in their track 'Timeless'
Here are two songs from them:

DMA's- 'Delete':

The next clip is full of interesting older people, it was filmed at the Globe Pub in Hackney, London. I can't stop watching!

DMA's- 'Timeless':

This next band, Gold Class, are from Melbourne. I am really enjoying their LP 'It's you'. Spiky, raw and urgent, this may not be for everyone. You can buy their work on bandcamp! Here are two tracks from them.

Gold Class- 'Life as a gun':

I love the clip for this next track and especially love the 'echos' of each person projected on and behind them.

Gold Class- 'Bite down':

This last band, Methyl Ethyl, are from Perth. I quite like the cover to their lp 'Oh Inhuman Spectacle'. I keep meaning to check out the LP and hope to soon!

Methyl Ethel- 'Twilight driving':

Here is their Lp Cover:

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