Thursday, April 9, 2015

Exhibiting south of the Yarra!

Some exciting exhibition news. I have one on, right now!

An opportunity came up to exhibit 6 large, never before exhibited pieces at domain brasserie in South Yarra.  So, as of right now, it is on!

Make sure you get down soon, grab a bite to eat, a drink, and eye off the work.
No opening events for this one.. End date to be confirmed, but I suspect it may be for the month of April.

Prices are $390 for a framed 20X30 inch print.

If you have been thinking of buying a piece, then get in quick because as of August, at the upcoming group gallery exhibition, the prices of my work will be increasing in value, again!

The address for Domain Brasserie is: 181 Domain Road, South Yarra. Open 7 days from 6am til late! If you would like to make a time to meet up, P.M. me and lets brunch!


Two of the pieces:

images copyright matthew schiavello 2015

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The News

The news   (29/06/14)

It was a Sunday
I remember it was raining as you got into my car.
You plonked yourself into the passenger seat and stared straight ahead.
Your eyes fixed themselves on the grey wetness that sat on the other side of the windscreen.
From out of nowhere
 you tensely stated
 “I don’t know how to say this, so I’ll just blurt it out…”

Everything seemed to stop as my mind raced.
I thought of everything you were possibly going to say…
Well, ‘everything’ which was centred around your rejection of me.
It seems I thought of everything except 

It took me a while to realise that your lips had stopped moving.

In all honesty, I wasn’t completely surprised by the news,
I was confused
by what was happening here, here right now.

Your eyes darted towards mine and then as quickly, darted back towards the rain hitting the windscreen,
Except… you were looking past it.
Your body tensed, as if readying itself to open the car door and flee at any moment.
We were still parked out the front of your apartment.

The lines above your tense eyes read, ‘In a few steps I could escape to the safety of  home’.

Upon reflection,
 I guess you were worried that I would reject you, maybe you even feared it.

I turned to you and smiled.
I loved you just the same.
We hugged and I wanted to kiss you,
Back then, it would have been our first.

Even now, the only thing I still don’t understand,
Is why it was you and not me.
It should have been me,
For all the many reasons you will never need to know.

copyright matthew schiavello 2014

Thursday, March 5, 2015

more experiments on/with film

A while back I posted about some experiments with/on film I had done. I have been working on some more things and working a little bit differently.

The premise is that I start with failed 35 mm scanned film negative. In other words I am recycling the crap photos that didn't work out. I am also using some film negative before it has had a chance to be used in the camera.

 In these experiments I manipulated the film negative with what ever found objects were at hand, then further effected them with the application of  acetone or/and watercolour. These were then scanned and some photoshop manipulation was done (of exposure, brightness, contrast etc).
Here some of them are for you to peruse:

all images copyright matthew schiavello 2015

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Aussie Slang


 Recently a couple of things were said that made me smile.  A work mate used the word 'grouse' to describe how much fun she had at a night out ('Matty, I had such a grouse time') and someone else said they were so annoyed with something they wanted to "wring it's neck". Geez Louise, I can't remember the last time I heard these words/phrases used!

The great thing about slang and colloquial words and phrases, is that we are still able to get our point across to those who are part of our 'social collective'. Language is ever evolving and depending on where you come from, live and who you socialise with, you may well use language that others will not understand. New words/phrases are constantly being created and old words and phrase may fall by the wayside and be forgotten. I have seen (and loved it) the look on the face's of those who didn't understand what was seeing said when they heard such things as:

'She'll be apples'
'That's my blue'
'Ahh ya Bludger
"Pop on ya togs/budgie smugglers"
  'Let it rip'
'Built like a brick shithouse'
'That party was shithouse'
'Ya a bloody Bogan, that's what you are'
'Watch out for Bunyips!'
 'Go on, chuck a sickie!'
'You're as mean as cat's piss'
'Ahh, I feel like a Coldie'
'Pass the dead horse'
'He's a dag!'
'Fair Dinkum'
'and we grabbed the doovalacky...' also used are 'Thingo', 'Wadjamacallit', 'Thingummy' & 'whatsit'.
'Fair suck of the sav!'
'Ya Galah!'
'Give it a burl'

'He's a mongerel!'
"Have a go ya mug!'
'We're off to the never never'
 'In the nud/nuddy'
'you want to see my old fella?'
'It's a piece of piss, mate'.
'Pigs arse!'
Bring a plate!' (and they do, except the plate is empty!)
'That'd be right'
She'll be right'
'It's ridgy didge!'
It was a real rip snorter!'
"I'll have a roadie/traveller'
'The fridge is rooted!'
'I'm a two pot screamer!'
'That stands out like a shag on a rock!'
'Hows that new sheila?'
'I'll have some spag bol'
'You know that new bloke's a sheepshagger'

'Mate I'm stonkered'.
'He's gone troppo'

'I'm true blue mate'
'Your as useful as tits on a bull'.
'Don't chuck a wobbly'
'It's gone walkabout'
'You wacker!'
'Hes from woop woop'.
'Chuck a yewy'
'Ya bloody yob/yobbo'.

If you need some help with any of the above, check out Koala net's slang dictionary!

I'm gonna piss off now, but if your noggin starts working and you've got anything of worth to share,
don't be a wuss, give us a hoy! Hooroo!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

An afternoon of art and tea.

Dear Friends,
I would humbly like to invite you to an afternoon of art and tea.
There will be conversation, friendly faces, something to nibble on and my abstract photography to view and purchase.

This will take place on:
Sunday the 15th of February, between 2-4pm.

the venue is:
Umberto Espresso Bar.
822 High St, Thornbury 3071
(up near the Dundas St, intersection).

There will be hot and cold beverages (both alcoholic and non) to purchase at the venue, on the day.

I will be arranging some small things to nibble on and for catering purposes, it would be greatly appreciated if you can advise  me if you will be popping in (hopefully with friends!), by Tuesday the 10th of February.

People have asked the size of prints and the cost:
I have framed prints in three sizes, 8 x 12 inches,   12 x 18 Inches and 20 x 30 inches.
Prices ranges from $100 - $390.

I do hope you can attend on the day. If not, have no fear. The exhibition is on until Sunday the 14th of March.  Umberto's hours  are: Wednesday to Sunday 8am-9pm (i.e. closed Monday and Tuesday). The food is great and they do get busy, so it is best to book if you intend to go on an evening!

Looking forward to seeing you,

Photo of me, by D.G.

A taste of some of the art to view:

Photograph of myself, copyright DG. All other images, copyright matthew schiavello 2015

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Exhibition at Umberto! Wednesday 14th of Jan - Sunday the 14th of March

Yes dear friends, it is that time of year again. What time? I hear you ask?
The time that you can view my art in person and even buy some!

The exhibition dates are Wednesday 14th of Jan - Sunday the 14th of March.

Place: Umberto Espresso Bar.
822 High St, Thornbury 3071. (up near Dundas St, intersection).

Their hours are: Wednesday to Sunday 8am-9pm

The urban spoon review is here.

I have framed prints in three sizes, 8 x 12 inches,   12 x 18 Inches and 20 x 30 inches.
Prices ranges from $100 - $390.
Hopefully something for everyone!

I will organize an afternoon for people to come and have coffee, mingle and view the art.. more of that later.

Some images to whet your appetite:

Setting up:

Art on the walls:

all images copyright matthew schiavello 2015

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Forward to the past (or something like that...), film photography.

I have been shooting film again.. I do it in spurts.. I love the fact that I don't know how the image will look until it is developed. It forces me to be better as a photographer, as every shot counts.. If i go out with a 36 roll or film, then I only have 36 shots! I had better get it right the first time!

Here are a couple  of recent shots, all taken with my Nikon FM10 manual camera. The black and white film is RPX 100. The colour film is Kodak Gold 200.

All photographs copyright matthew schiavello 2015.