Thursday, October 30, 2014

My Mother and Facebook

My friends had warned me and I did not listen.

It all started back when my mother joined the digital revolution and went online. It wasn't long before she created a Facebook account and then... yes, sent me a friend invite.
I put off responding and took this dilemma to my friends.  Their response was a resounding 'NO!'. I think they all added a variation to the effect of 'are you insane? why would you even need to ask if this is ok? Of course it isn't!' Apparently, you do not add your mother to your Facebook account, I understood this now, but couldn't help but feel really guilty! After all, this was the woman that carried me for nine months, gave birth to me, fed me, changed me and loved me.... how can I not accept a friend request from my mother??? What kind of an ungrateful son would I be?  So, I ignored the good advice of my friends and and accepted my mother's 'friend request' and then things became awkward.
At first it was 'kind of' ok. When no one responded to one of my posts, my mum would support me by posting encouraging comments like 'I like everything that matthew does'.. yep, it's  just like the encouragement ribbons I used to get at Little Athletics  (cause I was shit at Little Athletics), except this time it is a public post on Facebook by my mother. Anyway, things were reasonably ok, until the phone call. Which went a little like this:

Mum-' Hi, X is sending you a Facebook invite, so just make sure you accept that when it comes through'

Me- 'What??!!, Who is this person??'

Mum- 'you know my friend X...'

Me (becoming a tad hysterical at this point and reverting to a 12 year old)-'MUM! I am NOT accepting friend requests from YOUR friends, OH MY GOD!! My friends told me NOT to accept your friend request and now look what is happening!!!!' 

Mum, a little hurt and puzzled- 'Why would your friends tell you not to be my friend on Facebook??'

Me (hearing the hurt in my mothers voice and now rightfully feeling like complete crap!)- 'Cause you're my mum and it is not cool!!  But I told them I couldn't turn down my mothers friend request...'

Mum (now with some pride in her voice) - 'come on love, just for me, for your mum!'

Me- 'mum, how did they even find me on Facebook (I have my fathers surname and mum has her maiden name'

Mum- 'well.. X doesn't have many friends so I suggested that they add you... go on , for me, for your mum. I did tell them that you would accept the request.'

Me (feeling that I have no choice in the matter, and making sure my mother knows that I am not happy! and no, I didn't stomp about this time) - 'Ok, that  is it!!! no more mum, no MORE!!!!  I will accept their friend request, but I don't want anymore of your friends sending me friend requests, ok??!!

Mum- 'Oh, X is not my friend, X is my neighbour.

I just groan at this point.

The next evening, I call mum and advise that I had accepted her neighbour's friend request... mum responded with, 'oh, I just deleted the request they sent me'.
I flip out 'ARE YOU SERIOUS???????". Mum laughs and says 'I deleted it accidentally, I asked X to resend the request'. I think I ended the call very quickly with, 'Ok mum I have to go, I can't talk to you anymore.' All the while I was asking myself, why I didn't listen to my friends in the first place and not accept my mum's Facebook friend request.

I think my mum secretly delights in driving me crazy, in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if she is writing a blog called 'Things I do to drive my son crazy'.

Many thanks to V.G. for editing!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

New Music- October 2014

I have purchased a few new things that I want to share with you. Hopefully you may find something of interest, that you then further explore and support the artist/s involved.

Jennifer Castle:

A Canadian singer/songwriter who has just released a new LP title 'Pink City', this track is off it.

Jennifer Castle- 'Sailing away'

The Peep Tempel

This track has a language warning to it. It is a bit raw and Aussie, it wears it's heart on it's sleeve and has me singing 'I don't think Trevor is good for' loudly in the mornings as walk down the back streets of Fitzroy.

The Peep Tempel- 'Carol'

J Mascis:
The man who was Dinosaur Jnr, who help define the 90's alternate scene, has just released another album where the acoustic guitars are preferred over loud electric distortion. The most recent LP is titled 'Tied to a star'. The track 'wide awake' has Chan Marshall (Cat Power) on vocals as well!

J Mascis- 'wide awake'

Avi Buffalo
I don't know much about this band.  They are from Long Beach, California, they have a new album out, but this track is from their 2010 Self titled LP.

Avi Buffalo- 'What's in it for?'

David Bowie
If you have been under a rock and didn't know David Bowie had a new LP out a while back (mid 2013), you may have missed this brilliant track, which has a fragile and maudlin quality to it. I don't know how many times I have listened to this and at the end, earnestly sang 'as long as there's me, as long as there's you', as I wistfully looked off into the distance....

David Bowie- 'where are we now?'

Grant Lee Buffalo

An old tune that has for some reason resurfaced and I seem to be playing a lot, of late. This is off the 1994 Lp 'Mighty Joe Moon' and has some great lines such as:

'Devastation at last finally we meet
After all of these years out here on the street
I had a feeling you would make yourself known
You came along just to claim your place on the throne
And I have been overthrown

Grant Lee Buffalo- 'Mockingbirds':

All rights belong to the respective artists.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

For him, the man who broke my heart.

There is nothing like love and loss to stir one to write again. Here are a handful of some recent writings, presented in chronological order. In case you are wondering, no, he never saw or knew of these.


You worry about the cold Melbourne winters,
worry not.
I will warm you

I will weave for you
whatever you need
out of my overflowing love
that has waited for so long.


I'd sing you a song,
or write you a poem,
of my love
and my hope of a life together.

But I fear
you would not listen
nor enjoy it for what it was.
Instead you would
it to what you had,
or to the fantasy
of what might be.


If I could open my heart
and show it's trueness to you
Give you my eyes,
So that you know I see
your faults
and that I love you

would that then be enough?


I am writing about you
I am
not over you,


But soon hope to be,
as do similarly hope
my friends and family
for they don't believe
you worth my time




The problem with absence,
is that it makes
the heart grow fonder.

The problem with time, is that
memories fade and
hurt heals.

The problem with the present, is
your boyish charm
and warm smile,
remind me
how attracted I am
and how much I cared.


Now that I am free,
now that I am happy
(or at least telling myself I am),
I don't wish you ill,
just insight
and that one day
you may feel motivated
and strong enough
to change.
Not for me,
but for you
and for him, whoever he may be.


all words copyright matthew schiavello 2014.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Recently I took a series of photographs of things red. I have no idea why i did it. My eye was drawn to it all and over the course of afternoon, these are some of the images I came away with.
I hope you enjoy!

                                                   'Red #12 (2014).'

                                           'Red #13 (2014).'

                                                   'Red #20 (2014).'

                                                   'Red #28 (2014).  (for Mr Goldsztein)'

                                         'Interiors #171'

                                                  'Red #180 (2014).'

                                                  'Red #190 (2014).'

All photographs copyright matthew schiavello 2014.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Why I love you (parts i-iii).

Why I love you (parts i-iii).


When we first met,
my love was like
something gaudy,
well... gaudy for you.

It was like
a brightly coloured
floral bouquet

and dare I add,
always bursting forth.
Those moments when it did,
you would always turn
to look over your shoulder
to see who else bore witness.

And each time, you took those flowers quickly.
Almost as if, you didn't want others to see.
One corner of your mouth would turn and sneer,
the other raised in a smile.

That’s why I love you,
You’re as tough as nails                                 
But you’re not.


You’d tear others down in a heartbeat,
Tear them down so bad,
they couldn’t be re-built,
But never me.
In my darkest days,
You lifted me up into the light.

'One day', I thought, 'I hope you'll let others in,
To see the real you'.
But for now, I’m guiltily glad,
I’m the only one.

You’re as tough as all hell,
But you’re not.
I always knew it
but saw it most,
when I had to leave
and that's why I love you.


All those years away, 
you said,
never made you love me less.
Except you didn’t use the word love,
you never do
But you were there for me
And that’s the same thing.

We never talk about what happened,
But if we wanted to, we could.

I would also tell you
that the memory of you
Got me through
that terrible time.

And though you never visited,
You were there
Waiting for me
when I was finally able to return.
You stood at the front of that cursed place
Smiled and hugged me tight.
We kissed like it had been forever.
I said I love you and a tear slipped out.
I smelt of institutions.
You didn’t look over your shoulder that day,
You just held me tighter.

I remember thinking
how I wished that everyone who talked you down
could see you now
and maybe they would finally understand
why I’ve always loved you
(and why I always will).

copyright matthew schiavello 2013

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Horsham and the Wimmera Pt 2.

Here is the second part of my pictorial post of Horsham and the Wimmera.

Over the first part of this year, I did a few over night stays in Horsham and visited it's surrounding areas. I took my camera and here are a few shots from my trips. i really love the vastness of the Wimmera. I am in awe by the low horizon, which goes on forever with it's flat fields of grain. It is also a very lonely place, well as least I found it to be. Maybe it was because often there was nothing for as far as your eye could see?

                                                'Wimmera reflections #11'

                                                  'Wimmera sky #217'

                                              'Golden Hour in the Wimmera #59'

*For those that aren't familiar with 'golden hour', it is the time before sunset, where the sun gives everything a golden glow 

                                                       'Wimmera roads #235'

                                         'Silhouettes in the Wimmera at sunset   #541'

All photographs copyright matthew schiavello 2012

Thursday, August 7, 2014

New Music August 2014

It has been a while since I posted some new music. These below tracks may not have been released this past month or even this year, but I love them enough to want to share them with you. I do so hope that you may be able to find some time to listen to them and fall in love with some of them yourself! This post has a mix of acoustic, plugged in, raw, honest and fun sounds. Hopefully something for everyone.

Helen Begley- 'West Brunswick'

This first track is by a local lady who I saw at a songwriters in the round gig. From the moment she started to sing her songs I was captivated. Why hadn't I heard of her before? Sure my mate Jody had been telling me to check her out and there always seemed to be something getting in the way of me being able to.. and now I'm kicking myself for not checking her out sooner!... Anyway, Helen Begley is the name of the artist.  Do check out her website! This track is off her LP 'West Brunswick', which is such a great Lp! I sometimes play it in my studio when I am painting.  I have attached the title track below. From the start there are such great lines (which remind me of early Paul Simon or Joni Mitchel), such as:

'Standing on the overpass in winter
The icy wind will slap you as it blows
Cars rush to the gorgeous city
West Brunswicks' not that pretty
from this road

On the local creek bed made of concrete
Philosophers leave words in thick black paint
 Saying dream as if you'll live forever
and live as if you'll die tomorrow

As I lie awake on lonely nights,
I hear the rumble of the 55*
And the braking trucks on their freeway ride,
A woman screams
you killed my life'

* the 55 is the number of the tram that runs across the city through to West Brunswick.

Perfume Genius- "Hood"

'Perfume Genius' is the stage name of American Mike Hadreas. My friend Flo from Paris, put me onto this guy and I love this track and video. Porn actor Árpad Miklós (Péter Kozma), who died early 2014 from an apparent suicide,  is in the video below. This track has such beautiful lyrics like:

 "You would never call me baby
If you knew me true
Oh, but I waited so long for your love
I am scared baby that I can't keep it up for long"

Perfume Genius- "Hood"

Future Islands- "Seasons (waiting on you)".

I can't work this band out. I have seen a few live clips and in particular their performance of Seasons(waiting on you), on Letterman, was insane in very confusing way. Is the singer dancing to his own drum or taking the piss? Still none of that diminishes my love of this track, which I purchased on i-tunes recently.

Future Islands- "Seasons (waiting on you)"

Tobias Jesso Jnr

Here is a guy who is getting lot's of press and hype at the moment, all from some demos and no actual releases. I actually really like the two tracks I have heard, which are just Tobias and piano. Yesterday I ordered a 5 pack of his demos on single sided flexi disc (ie flimsy plastic to play to the turntable). Yay!

Tobias Jesso Jnr- 'True Love'

Something Fun that isn't new, but I rediscovered it recently, is this hilariously and well done spoof of Bonnie Tyler's 'Total Eclipse of the heart', where they literally sing what is going on in the video clip!
Not sure who did this but the video says: Lead Vocals-PersephoneMaewyn, Lyrics/vocal/editing dascottjr.

Total Eclipse of the Heart (literal video version)

Recently I brought a couple of reissued albums on vinyl.

Life without Buildings- Any Other City

I love this Lp and this group from Glasgow. This Lp was originally released in 2001 and the band then broke up in 2002. The track 'The Leanover' is rambling, urgent and has a realness to it. I have been known to sing along to this loudly in  the car. This Lp was re-released as part of record day 2014!

Life without Buildings- 'The Leanover'

Deerhoof- 'Friend Opportunity'

This San Francisco noise-pop band are just so interesting! You never know what will happen with their albums or tracks which can just take a turn somewhere else when you least expect it!   This album also has one of my favourite album covers. A piece of art I wished I had done myself! This is another re-release on vinyl.

Deerhoof- '+81'