Tuesday, September 27, 2016


AK and I went to Brisbane (and Nth Stradbroke Island) for a couple of days. It was beautiful.
Here are some photos I took.

At the hotel/apartment:

At the train station:

At the gardens:

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Torn, decayed and beautiful

I thought it time to once more share some of my urban decay works. These are works, where I find beauty in spaces which are widely believed to be devalued.

All images copyright matthew schiavello 2015-2016

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Local music

Recently I have been really enjoying some music which just happens to be local, or local-ish.

DMA's their LP 'Hills End' is really strong and well worth exploring. They are from Sydney and sounds like they have a bit of a brit-pop/oasis influence, which is especially noticeable in their track 'Timeless'
Here are two songs from them:

DMA's- 'Delete':

The next clip is full of interesting older people, it was filmed at the Globe Pub in Hackney, London. I can't stop watching!

DMA's- 'Timeless':

This next band, Gold Class, are from Melbourne. I am really enjoying their LP 'It's you'. Spiky, raw and urgent, this may not be for everyone. You can buy their work on bandcamp! Here are two tracks from them.

Gold Class- 'Life as a gun':

I love the clip for this next track and especially love the 'echos' of each person projected on and behind them.

Gold Class- 'Bite down':

This last band, Methyl Ethyl, are from Perth. I quite like the cover to their lp 'Oh Inhuman Spectacle'. I keep meaning to check out the LP and hope to soon!

Methyl Ethel- 'Twilight driving':

Here is their Lp Cover:

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

More Melbourne

Following on from my last post, here are some more images of Melbourne that were considered for a small job. Some of these may have been previously shared on this blog before.

all images copyright matthew schiavello 2012-2016

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


I have been working on a small photography job, where I needed to provide four images of Melbourne to have put in a small city shop. In the process of taking some new shots and relooking at some older shots to possibly use, I thought I would share these with you. Some of these have been shared previously on this blog.

all images copyright matthew schiavello 2012-2016

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Music from a time gone by........

The title of the blog post, may make it sounds as if I was going to share music from a bygone era, where people huddled round a camp fire and road on horseback, but the truth is, this is music from when I was much younger. I stumbled across one of these bands the other day, in a blog post on Double J radio about Aussie bands from the 90's and it prompted this post.

Big Heavy Stuff- 'May'. I love the line "I should have known better than to wish, I wished too hard and then it slipped through my fingers"...

Tumbleweed- 'Sundial'.  This track reminds me of going to the Big Day's out, when they first started up in Melbourne.

Front end Loader- 'Pulse'. This track is still on my i-pod (is that the modern equivalent of a walkman?). The love the line 'at the end of your life, who gets to decide that it's over?'

Regurgitator- "blubber boy". This track has a word in it which may be offensive to some or many (most people never pick up on the word).  This was and possibly still is, a band that was awesome and so energetic live.

Skunkhour- 'up to our necks in it': This song still resonates. Really great stuff. Urban poetry wrapped in soulful, lite funk and jazz sounds'.

Magic Dirt- 'Pace it': Adalita  Is such a rock goddess. Magic Dirt a band I dipped in and out off over the years and along the way, really liking a few tracks. This is fun and energetic. It is still on my i-pod. Though I love the spikey raw edges to their sound, this is pretty polished sounding (for them!).

Gerling- 'Death to the apple gerls': Ahh Gerling. How I loved your debut LP. I played it and played it and still sometimes listen to it in my studio. The singles from the LP (aside from this one- which has swear words censored out), were different mixes and in some cases almost completely different songs (ie. 'Enter, Space Capsule'). I loved that and it gave me much reason to buy the singles as well.

Dave Graney and the coral snakes-'rock n roll is where I hide' (live): What can I saw about Mr Graney? He is so, so good. This track is one of my favourites and if you listen to the lyrics, it is a  great little story. Trainspotter note:I once peed next to him at a toilet urinal at the Prince of Wales hotel.. I was so excited at the time and wanted to say hello and tell him how much I love his music, but felt it may be a little odd! This recording was from 'Recovery', which was a great Saturday morning music show on ABC.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

collage work late 2015/ early 2016.

Here are some collages I made late last year/early this year. These are made up of my own photographs (cut up), watercolour, card and ink.

all work copyright matthew schiavello 2016.