Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Adventures in an adult boutique – the haggle

Recently I have helped out a few times in an adult boutique…. yes, you guessed it- for those of you in the ‘know’, and for the confused people out there.. it’s a sex store. This store has all manner of goods for sale, and all manner of customers coming in to buy them. A mature european gentleman came in recently.. ok…the term ‘gentleman’ is stretching it, I think he was someone’s old, short, bald, Macedonian granddad wearing glasses that he has had for about 20 or 30 years if not more because he is too tight to style up. He was looking at the cheap porn that is for sale. Let me tell you about this cheap porn. There are 3 types; a $5 dvd; a $7 dvd/or four for $20; and lastly a $15 dvd/and some bulk deal. anyway… Granddad (as I will call him) was looking at the cheap $7 porn and started haggling with me. He wanted two for $10, rather than pay the $14. I suggested that he buy four and get them for $20, resulting in essentially getting them for $5 each. This was not enough for granddad. When I suggested that we have the $5 porn, which he could buy 2 for $10, he went off about how he brought a car and haggled three and a half thousand dollars off the price.. I replied ‘BRAVO!!, that’s great, congratulations!!’, which was a mistake because now he was haggling even more. I did the whole ‘I’m not the boss, I shouldn’t be doing this, I could get in trouble but…’ thing and offered two dvd’s for $12. OMG !!!!! It was as if I had insulted him, he went off!!! - Your not willing to negotiate!!!, what kind of a person are you, you don’t want my business!!!  I thought and wanted to say ‘fuck off you tight ass, its fucking $7 dollar porn’. I did however say, ‘My friend, this is not a market place to haggle, you want to negotiate, the price is $14 for two dvd’s, you say $10, I compromise to $12..I can get in trouble for doing this, but for you, I will do it… this is negotiation, you’re the one not willing to negotiate with your ‘$10’s that’s It’.’ I then went on to tell him that I doubt I could go to any other shop and buy ANY dvd for $7. He was moping about and suggested that if I am not going to negotiate he will just buy the one dvd. Eventually I told moping granddad, ‘ok.. I’ll give you the two for $10, but if I am not here next time you come in, you will know why’ and I mumbled something about my boss sacking me. Granddad was thrilled and then spent ages trying to find another DVD to buy so that he got the discount. Mind you, all the while he was complaining about the quality of the $7 porn. I did say ‘my friend, if you are not happy with the $7 porn, try the full priced ones, I never hear complaints with those’. He left with a big smile, two dvds for $10 and told me I was a good man.. I did realise that I probably wouldn’t be there the next time he came in… hopefully he won’t feel that he was the reason why…I did also wonder if he was going to go home and tell others, his wife, kids (if he had any) or other sales assistant’s about how he haggled $4 off two big black cock porn dvd’s.


  1. Can I get 2 big black cock DVD's for $12? Where is this shop? You look too innocent to be working in a shop like that anyway. How many DVD's did you go home with. I can picture the nold bugger whacking off or at least trying to to those video's, that could end up on Funniest Home Video's.

  2. I am innocent!!! I just work the cash register :-)
    See i knew this would happen..once you give the customers an inch....
    The dvd's are $7 each!!!!..or 4 for $20!!!! not two for $12, or two for $10 !!!!
    Geez Louise !!