Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Joking about with the boss

I have been at my new job for about three, going on four weeks now and a few times my new boss has joked about a few things here and there. I have smiled and lightly laughed (to be polite), but recently I decided that I should respond and keep the laughter moving… Big mistake!!  Given my many moments of comic hilarity, I thought I was making yet another of my witty and amusing comments, but then my boss did this thing where she looked at me firstly with puzzlement which then turned to disdain.. you know the look, that one you have when you step in something soft and smelly and then realize it’s dog shit… Yeah.. that’s how my boss looked at me.  She then made this weird noise, that came somewhere from the back of her throat… a soft, angry, buzz,  not quite human, which she held for a few moments whilst still giving me that look and then walked off. Not a good sign, after all I am still in my 3 month probation period.  

After this incident I have refrained (well, as best I can.. but you know me..) from making hilarious comments in response to my boss sharing her own humorous ones… except… well, I figured that her boss might be a different story.

Her boss sported a 3 day growth/beard thing last week… and I felt that we are like twins now because of it.. I made a few comments.. did some hand movements- gesturing at OUR beards, I smiled and threw in a few ‘hey, nice look’ comments. After the weekend, first thing Monday morning he walked past his office to where I sit with a colleague and asked us how our weekend was. That’s when I noticed the beard was gone. Obviously you are going to ask, what happened…I mean who wouldn’t? I asked it in a light hearted way.. “hey, what happened?” as my arms flung about (Damn Italian heritage!!!). He told us some story about his parents visiting, apparently his mum hates beards so he shaved it off, even though his brother has a long term beard… So of course I ask him if he has asked his mum what her problem with beards is… I then took his silence as an invitation to keep talking….Of course I did. I then told him about how at my graduation my dad complained that I didn’t shave, and I told him, that ‘this is my look’, but my dad doesn’t understand the ‘look’ ( I mean this ‘look’ of mine has transformed me from average Joe with a large nose and very weak chin, to a sizzling hot stud. This ‘look’ dazzles, transfixes, it seduces! I don’t have to waste my time with corny pick up lines, the ‘look’ does all the work for me, I don’t even need to speak half of the time. I am positive that if I did a survey, I would have at least 17 if not more,  respondents say that the ‘look’ has significantly improved my performance in the bedroom.  Now… obviously I am thinking this and not sharing with my boss’s boss, my thoughts on how the ‘look’ has transformed my life). So.. at this point, my boss’s boss is still just looking at me in silence, So I stare back in silence waiting for a laugh or comment. It was a little like a stare out… I thought.. does he not get my story? I need to go over the whole thing for him, or just a few keys points? Just as I am about to ensure that he gets what I am saying, My boss’s boss quietly responds with ‘err… no I haven’t asked her about that’, turns and walks off quickly.

I just don’t get it…. what’s wrong with these people?? Should I stop sharing my brilliant sense of humor with my superiors’? I feel bad thinking that they would be missing out on the ‘good stuff'.. still, despite my boss, and her boss not getting the 'good stuff'.. I remain confident that my boss’s boss’s boss will have a sense of humor. I can’t wait to meet him or her !

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