Sunday, September 12, 2010

reclaiming life and a recipe for dealing with unhealthy thoughts!!!

Recently I have been thinking about someone I like…but I was thinking about him to the point where I was anxious about what he thought, felt and how he might react to what I said and did. Yeah, I was pretty insecure !! But now I have turned a corner. Now I am reclaiming my life.  Sure you’ve heard it all before, I am only human, and am one of those annoying ‘two steps forwards, one and a half steps back’ kind of people. I have been a bit up and down of late and who knows how I might feel tomorrow, God knows I don’t!! But for now I am feeling better and not worrying so much about how he views me. The craziest thing is that this guy that I am so worried about is the loveliest person in the world and I can not ever imagine him ever wanting anyone to be anything other than them selves! In fact, I could not imagine this person not being accepting of anyone, and here I foolishly stand worried, creating a state of anxiousness for myself.

Here is a ‘recipe’ I use (when I remember), for dealing with unhealthy thoughts:

Step 1- Recognise/Acknowledge the thought and then let it go.

Step 2- If you find that the thoughts come back, then try step 1 again, If the thoughts keep coming back then try replacing the thought with another thought such as focusing on your breath.

Focusing on your breath: is where you focus or shift your attention to the sensation of your breath/the air entering and leaving the end of your nose. If you have difficulty with this one you can try focusing on the sensation of your chest/stomach rising and falling with each breath. The main point is that you are thinking about and noticing the physical experience of these acts. The great thing about this activity is that this is a breathing meditation, so apart from shifting your attention from anxiety provoking thoughts, the focus on breathing will also hopefully be claming and relaxing. A double win !!!!

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