Monday, November 15, 2010

Adventures in an adult boutique- The Parody

I helped out at that place again recently.. you know the one...where european grandfathers haggle over $7.50 porn and women slam used faulty vibrators on the counter (oh wait... I haven't shared that story yet!)..  anyway, as nonplussed as I am, ( or should that be 'aren't' ?.. engrish never was my strong point), nonplussed as I am by the stock.. I have to admit I LOVE  seeing the 'parody' porn titles that come in and have taken some pics of them to share with you all!!!!
As much as I LOVE Larry David and would date him in a flash and probably break up with him even faster, I don't know whether to laugh or be shocked by-'this ain't curb your enthusiasm' parody !! 

These next few are just too disturbing for me and my happy childhood memories!!! 

 Errrrr  I have to ask... 'Biggest Loser' parody porn??? WTF???  and as for 'Cheaters' Parody Porn.. That isn't that much of a stretch... but why?

Some more  TV show parodies to mess with your happy childhood memories... Oh the trauma !!!!

And Lastly..... this is a WTF and WHY ???  rolled into one... If I was to say anything else it would be- Thank the good Lord above that Daryl Sommers isn't in it!

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  1. hehehe I can't believe they did Cosby. Very disturbing!