Tuesday, November 23, 2010

the garden- Nov 2010

Today I had a well deserved day off work to... well... work in my garden, which I had been neglecting of late. I did a lot of work removing plants, tidying up, planting new plants/seedlings/vegetables etc..but rather than show you works in progress, I thought I would share some things that are blooming at the moment.

The Kangaroo paw are looking great and stand taller than me!!! 

The Roses are still blooming, still smelling wonderful and reaching ever skyward:

 Another type of Rose:

Broadbeans ready for collection:

My hand trying to get in the shot.... It has dreams of one day being a hand model:

Mulberries in various stages of maturity, the birds are having a feast on these:

 and one last picture, Yum!! I walk past this tree on my way to the front door and often can't help but pick a handful of berries to snack on:


  1. When you pick a handful of berries, don't they squash purple gook onto your hand?

  2. They do squash, and the 'purple gook' stains, but neither fact diminishes the tastiness of the little buggers!!!

  3. Hey Matthew those other sort of roses are 'dog roses' which are the rootstock for your grafted cultivated roses. If you let them grow too much they will kill off or swamp the grafts. John

  4. Thanks for the info John!! The 'dog roses' are along the fence and are 'on their own'. They were already well established when I moved in about 9-10 years back. I keep them contained, but do love the bloom along the fence. You need to come and do some work in my garden and give me some advice!!! ;-)