Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Poofter Drinks

A mate (Bob Zurunkle) emailed me a receipt from 8 years ago... yeah I know.. who keeps such things??? - accountant's, nerds and hoarders... oh and maybe an obsessive -compulsive personality type...
Anyway, his email was titled : 'At least it was in the Outback, and eight years ago!'‏

I am not sure what is worse, those outback bogan's using such an offensive term as 'poofter', or the purchase of a drink such as 'Bacardi Breezer'...sheesh!!!!  buy a real drink at least!!!

** Update30/10 /2011, ok, it now has come to light that this was something sent to my mate Bob,
Not his actual receipt.. Jeez.. can you trust anyone these days? ;-)

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