Friday, March 4, 2011

The end of carb fury.

It ended with a hand-cut deep fried chip smothered in mashed potato. The taste was divine. My tastebuds celebrated the return of the prodigal son. My hunger and my anger subsided. I was once more one with the carb, and one with humanity. I was peaceful, I was content. Rage and anger were forgotten.

For what seemed forever ago, I had been separated from my twin. Like East and West Germany we pined for reunification. A grey wall of stony-faced bureaucracy passed down rules that made no sense and forced me to watch my every mouthful, as others watched me and I them.  We became Stasi informants, ever watching and ever reporting. Ensuring the rules of the carb free diet were adhered to. Daring not take a bite least we ourselves be reported. Life was lived in fear. But now, now the walls of grey tastelessness have come down. Now that which is my other half- Carbohydrate and I are joined once more. Tears of joy run down my face as life is lived fearlessly and the tastiness of freedom fills my mouth.

I have not lost the weight I was hoping for, in fact I don’t think I lost any weight… But to live life counting and worrying about every mouthful is to live life a prisoner.. and I refuse this.. To live life craving and hungry, yearning for that which you are not ‘allowed’ to have is a life of misery. I walked about angry, full of carb rage and fury, but no more. I may be chunky, but so what! For I am happy! I am calm and I am at peace. If I meet some cute man who rejects me because of my chunky frame... then he is not my ideal partner. For this is me, content chunky carb lover!!! Bring on the mashed potato smothered hand cut potato chips!!! In fact, bring me two serves!

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  1. Diet?? Why are you going on a diet? You'll waste away with no carbs!