Friday, March 25, 2011

What is it with…Cute equals yummy (I want to eat you)?

What is it with people equating cute with yummy? A friend of mine is always talking about how her son is soooo adorable that she just wants to eat him! (I am not sure if she is from some long lost forgotten tribe of Chinese cannibals).
Another friend of mine similarly mentioned that she just finds her nephew so cute that she wants to eat him when she is with him... she gets so worked up that she can’t help but bite his feet. This friend of mine also has a couple of new kittens and talked about how they are so adorable that she wants to… yes you guessed it… ‘eat them’. I happened to mention how I had this mental picture of one of her cute fluffy kittens sandwiched between two slices of bread…and that made me hungry!! Mmmm fluffy kitten sandwich!!! Tasty and cute, hey!..adorable even!! Apparently this was a sick thing to say and I am a bit weird…. Maybe my friend is on a no-carb diet (isn’t everyone??) and it was the mention of the slices of bread that offended her? I am sure that if I had just mentioned the tasty kittens- 'oh they are so cute I could just gobble them up!', this would have been acceptable, encouraged even. Hey, we probably would have been fighting over who gets first bite!

Maybe it’s just me, but if I was you I would hide your children and kittens from my friends. It is probably telling that a good mate of mine, when asked if he likes children, responds with “oh yes, but I couldn’t eat a whole one”.

One of the friends that inspired this post sent me this funny clip and thought I might be onto something!!!


  1. Only you (or Larry David) would have made such a comment...Hilarious...Love it!

  2. This friend who inspired this post - I think he or she is onto something. Europeans express themselves through love....closely linked to violence. What is wrong with that? Is it wrong to want to hug someone you love so tight it kind of hurts them? I think not. Excellent piece (as always)