Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stuff I like: August 2011

When I was much younger BMX’s ruled the world…. I recall friends and neighbors laying down on the sidewalk as turns were taken to jump over them. It was so exciting. I recall being jumped over and then trying to jump over others, who were subsequently 'landed on' by me and my heavy framed, 2nd hand-put together, BMX which I was proud for having Mongoose pedals!!! Anyway... now days people are so boring when they ride in to work…When they stop at the lights, waiting for them to change, they use the time to catch their breath, sometimes pose and look about, but mostly are B.O.R.I.N.G.! to look at…They need to use that time to ‘bring it’. I think that if you are unable to bring a bit of the BMX free-‘style’ to your ride in to work, then leave the bike behind and catch a bus !
Old School original FOB BMX Music Video "Tough Enough"! Yes it's a crap song (it was the 80's, there was so much bad music, hair and fashion), but check out the moves cause they ROCK! (and I keep waiting for someone to be taken out by the bus).

This next clip I discovered whilst browsing the net and ended up on the Beastie Boys website (as you do)... They had posted this clip on their blog and it is BRILLIANT!  It's a First person view of a mountain bike race in urban Chile. 

Next... At uni this week Existentialism came up (as it does at uni.. I mean sit around long enough wearing a Beret and Its only a matter of time!!).. So, I got to thinking about Nietzsche and how many moons ago when I had a full head of hair and was younger, I attempted to read his 'stuff' and realised that;
a) Not only is his writing really 'hard to get into'...but,
b) one of things I read and that stayed with me was the idea that the truth is not absolute.
It is so post-modern and so true!! I LOVE it and for about 10 years wanted that as the only thing written on my grave stone. No name, dates, nothing except- the truth is not absolute.
anyway..I found this pic of Nietzsche on the internet which for some silly reason makes me smile.. maybe because he is so heavy and serious and yet.. OMG! he is about to eat a COOKIE!!!! 
I hope you get a smile out of this as well.

My dear friend ‘K’ has 2 new Kittens and  is such a mum with them.. Not only is she constantly taking photos of them and video (and carries the pics and video around to show people), but she even makes little hand rolled and mixed treats for the kittens. These are often individually wrapped then frozen for the kittens to enjoy at their liesure…. Bless her.. anyway, this is for her…"World's Cutest Kitten".. oh, and the person who posted it has kindly added the worlds most irritating music as well, I can only assume it was done to counterbalance the 'too-cuteness' of the kittens. God they are so cute I want to EAT them.. in a sandwich, with mayo!!! Mmmmmmm, Fluffy kitten sandwich.

Lastly to end the Blog post with some style:
Jimmy Durante in 1955 closing his show with 'goodnight'.

and to you, a good night, where ever you are.


  1. Those kittens are so cute! I want one for breakfast. I was also thinking how funny it would be for someone to do some BMX tricks whilst rididng to work along punt road.... that would be highly amusing especially in peak time. I think you should get a BMX and start riding again.

  2. this reminds me of my son and a christmas long ago. he wanted a bike. we bought him the wrong one. big tantrum. he finally got the bike he wanted. when he was thirty. true story. my g/son rode it the other day. the bike i bought g/kids at the garage sale the other day is kind of a bmx. it's tres cool according to ants. also, son is hand rearing a kitten. mum was feral and deserted her. she's about 3/4 weeks old. his hands are covered in little scratches. he feeds her with a syringe. minus needle of course. she's thriving. his other cats have mothered her. she's black and fluffy. she can use the litter box now. i'm so proud. lol. i hope you don't wear lycra to work on your bike. :) good post, Fran x

  3. WOW !!
    Fran, If Ant can do tricks on the BMX Lets get it posted !!! People i see riding into work need to be inspired!!
    as for Lycra.... I only wear it into work on Casual Fridays.. It's very comfortable and I find it accentuates my curvacious body!