Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thoughts on dating me.

Thoughts on dating me… not thoughts on someone, or indeed anyone dating me, but… well I got to thinking about this the other day as I walked home from work…. Would I date me?

The answer did start off as a resounding yes, but then I waivered and thought that I might be better off avoiding me at all costs! 

I started off thinking about how marvellous I am. It is a known fact that I am lovely, charming, considerate and sure there are moments when I am not at my best, I am after all, only human.  A wise man once said- one of the most beautiful things that exists in us all is our imperfection (now that I think of it, that wise man may have been me justifying my imperfections to someone else...hmmm). 

Anyway, I (i.e. my ego) would like to think that my pros definitely outweigh my con’s. The wise man in me would definitely say that when it comes to imperfection being a thing of beauty, I am a bloody supermodel!

So there I was thinking about how great I am and how wonderful I would be to date, when I started to think about how I sometimes like to play devils advocate…just because I can…so I envisioned me, arguing with me and really pissing me off (or should that read ‘pissing myself off’?). God I can be annoying at times, stubborn, righteous and argumentative...which makes me wonder how long could I put up with I?

I guess the bonus in me dating myself is that I get to double my wardrobe!!...and I like what I wear, which is good because there is no use in doubling your wardrobe if you don’t like the other persons tastes!!

So… would I date myself… possibly. I might need to run this by my friends though and get some other thoughts. Would the relationship last???? Hmmm that’s a whole other question! Which then raises the question of- would it end amicably? Errrr, probably not… I am sure it would be likely to end with justifiable homicide (only because I know what an annoying bugger I am at times), but then that raises the whole paradox issue- 'can I kill I and still exist?' etc...

I feel a headache coming on.


  1. After that I have a migraine!

  2. Hmm.. so do you think i should err on the side of caution and not date me???

  3. i love this post. i dated myself once. it didn't work out. i got dumped. *sad face* Fran

  4. I dated myself once. I put an end to it when I realised it was just a sex thing. No harm done.

  5. I hear you! I would need to be careful that it wasn't just about sex and suddenly find that I am objectifying myself.
    Good on you for being strong enough to end it!
    Did you take being dumped well? or were you crying for days/weeks/months?

  6. months and months. but i'm over it now :( lol Fran