Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The good, the bad and the ugly- July 2011

The good:

After working 21 days straight, I headed off to Hobart for 9 days R & R.  Forget the fact that it was in the midst of winter and the weather was ‘as bad as it gets’ down there. I had such a great time, but am blogging about that very soon. So lets leave that there for now...

The other good thing is that I finally purchased Sigur Rós's 1999 LP 'Ágætis byrjun' on Vinyl. This is such a magical and beautiful record.  Here is the track ‘Svefn-g-englar'. According to the Fatcat records website, “This unforgettable and award-winning clip, conceived by and supervised by the band with direction by Agust Jacobsson features the Perlan special-needs theatre group acting out a simple but beautiful play about the elements.”

The bad:

This is probably more in line with the Odd, rather than bad…I recently finished working at a place and in the last week I was there, a guy who had been temping for  5-6 weeks came up and asked a favour. Now, I liked this guy and would chat with him at work and in the lunchroom etc, but that was it. There were no external catch ups or after hours phone calls. So, upon hearing that after I was finishing up  I was off to Hobart for a weeks holiday, he comes up and asks where exactly will I be staying in Hobart. I tell him I will be based in 'Howrah' and then it goes a little like this:

‘Oh, that’s only a few minutes by car to where my friend lives. Listen, can you take something over for me and deliver it to her?’ he asks.

‘oh…umm I guess..what is it?’ I am thinking how odd and hilarious.

‘Mobile phone. It’s not that I don’t want to pay for the postage, Its just that I don’t trust the mail system’ He says justifying this bizarre request. At this point I need to point out that this man is European and possibly fits the stereotypes; tight butt and dodgy.

‘Ummm can your friend come and pick it up from me, instead of me trying to find where she lives?’ Thinking I am not driving about all over Hobart looking for people I don’t know.

“I’ll ask her..but it’s not that far for you to drive over, your staying with they will have a car…it shouldn't be a problem for you.’

‘Ummm I’m not going to be a drug mule am I?’

 He looks around quickly.. “shhh.. Of course not. You can open the phone if you want and check it’.

‘Pfffttt. Of course not! Please.....!!' I say dismissively, 'I don’t need to, why would I need to open it?’  I looked hurt and offended that he said such things and that he would even suggest that I did not trust him, but I am really thinking- Hell Yeah! Of course I am. I don’t want anything spoiling my trip. Especially an airport drug bust!

The drugs, err I mean the phone never materialised

The ugly:

I was going to write about the man I saw recently who started to tenderly kiss my arm, starting at the hand and working his way up towards my neck, but then as he reached my soft white upper arm he bit it really hard and left a huge bruise.... but lets not go there..... Instead, lets look at Porn covers !!! So wrong they are funny. I was helping out at 'that' store again and had my camera handy! Some of these may offend so turn away now! You have been warned!

Comic book super hero's will never look the same again!!! Mind you I can't stop looking at their outfits and wondering how practical they would or wouldn't be... for example: I can't imagine 'Aquaman's' (far left in the orange top and green tights) boots as being practical for underwater swimming....

 Everyone seems to be loving Vampires at the moment!!

How could they do this to Cheech and Chong?? On second thoughts I don't think they would mind.

I love that these next couple need to warn us that these are not the real people!! Well I guess Paris Hilton might doing something like this...but Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie... come on!!

Wasn't this a video game??

Umm forgive me the dodgy cut and paste job, but you know I had to replace that 'u' with another 's'.. my mum may be reading this!!! Anyway I have been going around with this title in my head for days now!!! Its too funny!

I think the tag says it all 'Nursing home Nymphos'. Can I ever look at Nonna the same way again????