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My first overseas trip: a year on- New York pt 2

New York   07/07/2010 Pt 2
 My third day in New York saw me awake to more hot weather. I decided to go on a tour of the water. We went under the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges and I saw the Statue of Liberty.  Afterwards I took a cab to the Guggenheim museum. By this stage I was ready to brave the N.Y. subway and caught a train downtown. Where I went to ‘Shoe mania’ trying to track down some mythical cheap Campers...but they no longer stock them. After settling for some other cheap sneakers, I headed back to the hotel where a message from ‘C’ was waiting for me. I was excited! I did not think he would call. We made plans and met for dinner...
Dinner with C was lovely, he is a sweet and handsome man, very deep and a good hearted person. If he was at home in Melbourne, I would ask him on a date every night and would love to get to know him more. We walked after dinner, and then caught a cab to another bar where we talked at length and with great honesty, there was no judgment…after this we ended up at a gay bar which had great indie music playing. I wanted to kiss C, but I didn’t want to spoil the night and have him reject my kiss or me. The Smiths 'A rush and a push' came on... I looked across at C, we were silent and seemed to be taking in each other in, wondering... I sang along to Morrissey ... 

'They said ‘There's too much caffeine In your bloodstream and a lack of real spice In your life’ ....Oh, but don't mention love I'd hate the strain of the pain again.. A rush and a push and the land that we stand on is ours, It has been before, So it shall be again.  And people who are uglier than you and I, they take what they need, and just leave...’.
 I was inspired! I will take what I want.....this was the moment, I leaned in and we kissed. It was as lovely, soft and sensual as he was. It was better than I thought it might be. Our lips lingered, savoring the moment. We separated and then leaned in again to kiss, just to be sure. Yes, he is a lovely kisser and Yes, If he was back home, I would ask him out every night on a date. I wondered if I would ever see him again, if not I will always have the kiss we shared in a bar in New York....

So far i have left a part of myself behind in Como, namely my eco-soap and shampoo, My heart was left in Germany, as was part of my tooth. I left lots of sweat behind as I made my escape from Milan. Paris has my blood thanks to many bed bugs and I have now left behind a lovely man in New York...

The next day was my last in New York. I met with Loretta's cousin M, who is a playwright and also works with school kids assisting and helping them write and have their own plays performed. He is an amazing man, and as generous and kind as his cousin Loretta. I had a great time! M gave me a guided walking tour. He talked of the changing nature of downtown, of China town and the local and modern history. We ate, walked in the heat, stopped for juice and then walked over the Brooklyn Bridge!!! It is one of the most beautiful bridges I have ever seen. The views from it are amazing. M also shared his personal story of 9/11 and it really brought home what happened, so different from just watching the news stories. I became a bit teary hearing it. Soon our day was done and like a gentleman, M saw me back to my hotel. What a great time I had in NY!!! Nothing like I expected and a place I would gladly go back to again...
Hawaii is next, via an overnight stop in Los Angeles. On the plane to Los Angeles LCD Soundsystem’s track "New York I love you" came on the discman . Despite their love of NY, it was bringing them down. This was not the case for me, instead N.Y. lifted me up. The track "all my friends" came on... 'I wouldn't change one stupid decision' sang out and it reflected exactly how I felt. Despite a few dramas and problems, it has been a wonderful trip and I wouldn’t have changed anything.

Next: Hawaii!!

Images from the river cruise:

Empire State building looms in the background (to the right):

Manhattan Bridge:

For some reason, some of the below pictures kind of look like they were painted:

Brooklyn Bridge:

Fire escapes: 

Walking over the amazing Brooklyn Bridge:

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  1. your posts on new york did not disappoint. i got a little bit of a shiver. once again i feel like i'm there. thanks for such a vividly descriptive post. i'm loving them. photos are amazing too. xx