Wednesday, August 31, 2011

neighbourhood walk- Late August 2011

There is one particular area in  my neighbourhood where residential meets industrial. I love that when you look down someones driveway you can see where one world ends and another begins.

The industrial side of the street:

On the wall of a construction site..soon to be demolished I sadly suspect

A few streets away I saw this:

And now for something completely different-
Nothing like a walk through the local cemetery:


  1. i always love your photos taken on your walks. i live next door to a cemetery. a very old one. there are some gorgeous places to sit and contemplate the meaning of life. the chapel is beautiful. i will take some pics and post them one day. people freak out when i say i live next door but i find it comforting and not the least bit creepy. i love your photo of the angel with the broken wing and the delicate little finger. :)

  2. Thanks Yevisha! Yes there are places for comtemplation. I was reading some grave stones that mentioned someone dying in my neighbourhood in 1813 etc... how amazing....The lives that were lived where I live mine!

    I like that pic of the angel as well. It is as if i am a bystander watching her/him engage with another, yet I am part of that experience as well.

    I would love to see your pics!!!