Wednesday, August 10, 2011

walking the neighbourhood

I had an unexpected day off this week and what better way to spend it, then walking the neighbourhood? I love that during this last month of Winter, you stumble upon plants blossoming, while nearby others lay bare waiting for spring.

Some Natives:

 More pretty in pink blossom:

Bless my European neighbours with front yards filled with veggies and fruit/olive trees!
No idea what these are, but I like them anyway:

A couple of pics from other recent local walks:
I find large trees so majestic and captivating.
Nth Fitzroy.


Nth Fitzroy.

I love walking the neighbourhood !


  1. wow. what wonderful photos. i love the blossom. you must have a very good camera. my neighbour has a lovely olive tree. it's huge

  2. Thanks Yevisha, I just use a little old automatic digital camera. (8.l Mega pixel Sony Cypershot). It's one of those point and click things. Truth be told, I take a gazillion sooner or later something decent comes out.. even if its not entirely in focus ;-)

  3. well these came out very well. i love the blossoms against the pale blue sky and the gnarly branches. gorgeous. at least take some of the credit :)

  4. Well I did the pointing and yeah.. I will take some credit thanks!
    Seriously, I try and capture what ever inspires me and sometimes that means that little old short me, has to climb up and stand on objects ,lean over fences... stay still waiting patiently for wind to die down, cars to pass.. and all the while passers by gawk and think me I will take the credit along with the stares and your compliments! thanks ;-)

  5. Nice...I like the one of the fern at the bottom of the tree. Good camera too!