Sunday, October 9, 2011

City of Rubens' pt 1

I love street art and graffiti. Some people don't like it, some do and most of us prefer our own homes to remain untouched by tags etc. Anyway, here are some pics from Fitzroy and surrounding areas.

Sometimes the whole side of houses are done (with permission, or by commission I suspect)


  1. great photos. i love graffiti. it has grown into a relevant part of art. we had a great book at work about graffiti. it concentrated on the humour of graffiti, you know, make love not war, rather than the art aspect. adelaide street art have a fb profile and a web site. some of it is amazing. those little lanes in melbourne are amazing too. they hold a certain amount of danger and the unknown. we found one in chinatown which was so freaky. i love it.

  2. Thanks Yevisha, I will check out the adelaide stuff :-) I recall when i was younger this kind of movement which defaced billboards and the slogans on them.. subverting the messages into socio-poltical ones. It was exciting and thought provoking. This occurred especially with billboards promoting cigarettes and smoking.
    Your comments re' the danger held in the lanes is spot on. I grew up in the inner city and where Collingwood and Fitzroy have a gentrified aspect to them now and are not as dangerous as they used to be, Shit still happens ;-) I still see drug deals and violence occuring both in the main and back streets.

    this is the fb page for the adelaide street art. i hope you can view it. it don't think it's set to private. they have graffiti from all over

  4. Love street art, graffiti, and murals. I have been collecting photos of different street art from all the places i travel too, it is a great part of the cultural experience of going to a new place! Awesome photos.

  5. Thanks Maple Girl! Look forward to seeing your pics :-)