Saturday, October 22, 2011

The good, the bad and the ugly - October 2011

The Good: Harvesting from the veggie garden!!!

I thought I would try growing beetroot this year, so I popped some in my front yard...Here are some of the beetroot ready to be cooked and eaten!:

And here are some Silverbeet and Rocket I have been harvesting. I love harvest/cut as you need type veggies!!! I had just taken out some snow peas and am thinking of popping in some yellow beans or tomatoes... Hell, I think I'll be a daredevil and plant both!!!

The Bad:  Porn covers
 I helped out at that shop again recently and stumbled across these pornographic parodies. I can't help looking at them and feeling really confused. I liked and have nice memories of the films, but these are not the films I recall. I would ask why?, I mean Psycho?? come on!!!! But I do wonder if we would really want to know the answer...

The Ugly:  'Friends' and John Kellogg Hodgman.

Here I have to nominate my 'friends' as being 'ugly' for bagging my future husband. How can anyone think this man is nothing but handsome??? I am worried that all of my friends think him unattractive and that I, apparently, have no taste in men. Obviously the truth is that I have poor taste in friends. If they reality checked me about the fact that a) he is married to a woman and b) he lives in the U.S.of A. that would be an acceptable friend type gesture, but to putdown my future husband, well.....No invites to slide show night! Anyway, on a serious note, here are some photos of the future Mr Schiavello, umm I mean of John Kellogg Hodgman (also known for playing 'PC' in the PC /Mac ads).

Ummm, If I had a friend photoshop me into this picture, so that John's arm is around me, would that be weird and creepy??

 After looking this cute face, how can anyone say no? Those eyes say it all, intelligence, humour, quirkiness, depth...and errr what ever else you or I want to read into them!

John a couple of years back as the 'PC guy' (on the left) with the Mac guy on the right. Are Mac users too cool to tuck their tops in?:

Oh, thanks to Ric, for 'finding' this pic of hubby and I at my graduation!
 (I can't stop laughing, hehehe too funny!!!!).


  1. Send me your image and I'll do the impossible in PS5

  2. Umm is that relocate a single gay John Kellog Hodgman to Melbourne??? Oh... sorry you mean will will help me be weird and creepy?? Cool.. you are a good friend!!!!

  3. That image wouldn't require a great deal of photoshopping as you are about that height aren't you?


    I think he has a nice face, it's the PC's that are ugly.

  4. I'll ignore the heightist comments that myself and the other Hobbits must constantly endure...
    I will say that 'PC' does have a charm about him, to which I would certainly ask him out on a date. Forget the clothes (no it's not what you think!), but look at the face, its still cute and handsome :-) Infact he is handcutesome! or cutesome if you want to abbreviate it... or cute if you insist on abbreviating it further.... or if you push me I'll even go HC, or C. enuff said!

  5. Li'l Matt, You tucked your shirt in, but are you too cool as to not wear a tie at your graduation?

  6. Dear Michaelmus,
    Hubby and I are too poor to be able to afford to own more than one tie. As hubby's suit was a tad on the grey side and needed a spot of colour, the decision that he should be the one to wear the tie that day, was for me, not only a sacrifice I happily made for the love of my life, but also a most sensible decision.
    Can you imagine his monotone grey suit combined only with his white shirt? I shudder at the thought, as do the fashionista! (infact I think they are shuddering at his 3 piece corduroy suit, and don't even get them started on what I was wearing!).
    Anyway, though I agree with your sentiment in principal, Dear dear Michaelmus, love is bigger than you or I, or My hubby John and I, or the three of us combined. When my Love says he needs the one tie we own... well it is but an extension of my unconditional love that I offer up said tie, yes, even if it is done at my own fashionable and moral detriment.

  7. never give up on your dreams i say. what a lovely photo of you and your intended. you certainly make a lovely couple. your garden is lovely. do i see silver beet? my favourite. my mum used to cook beetroot for salad. so much nicer than the tinned variety.

  8. Yevisha, you do see Silver-beet... It is so practical and yummm... and this variety is not strong tasting..
    You also have very good taste in thinking my other half and I make a lovely couple.. you certainly are invited to slide show night ! ;-)