Sunday, October 16, 2011

Life a new

It has been a while since I have been inspired to write anything 'humorous'. Through a series of events, to which there is no blame to attribute, I am now unemployed and living below the poverty line. This is not a cry for help, sympathy or alms, merely a statement.

In order to obtain financial assistance from the government, I have engaged with services and had all dignity stripped away by the people who were there to help me. I have to participate in 'job club' on  a weekly basis. 'What is job club?' I hear you ask, it is where a large group of us unemployed sit in a room looking for and applying for jobs, all under the close watch of case workers. Apparently they need to make sure that we 'do the right thing' and as such we can't be trusted to look for work from outside their offices (a case worker told me this). I can't help but wonder what type of a society treats it's less fortunate and unemployed like criminals.

My case worker treated me contemptuously from the moment we met...well, all up until the moment she realised I had supervised her in a previous role. Then she was sympathetic to my situation. This disappointed me greatly. All who walk through their doors should be treated with dignity and respect. 

This isn't a rant, I am simply sharing my experience. I am over feeling angry at how I have been treated. I am ready instead to live life a new. I am ready once more to live in hope.  Strangely, my creative side has blossomed since my circumstances have changed and I am making hand made photo-cards. I have some photos hanging in a gallery and I am playing and writing music again. Due to these experiences I have discovered a depth to my inner strength and resolve which I did not know existed. In an odd way, I am more confidant in myself. I am also getting better at putting my fear and anxiety to the side. Though my income barely covers my mortgage repayments, I am more accepting of where I am at, as I also accept that I am where I need to be, for what ever reason.  As I apply for work and live life a new, I am finding my happiness again. Everyday I am finding something to smile about.

Speaking of smiling, here is something beautiful and life affirming.....
It is a new track from  Bjork called 'moon'. It is off her new LP 'Biophilia', which has specially built apps for Apple's 'i' products (i-pads etc). According to Wikipedia there will be "around ten separate apps, all housed within one "mother" app. Each of the smaller apps will relate to a different track from the album, allowing people to explore and interact with the song's themes or even make a completely new version of them. It will also be an evolving entity that will grow as and when the album's release schedule dictates, with new elements added. Every app includes a game related to the song, the score of the song created by Björk and Jónas Sen, animations and a musical essay written by Nikki Dibben".
How exciting and how very Bjork!!! When I do start a new job, buying this album will be high on my 'to do list'!

Bjork- 'moon'.


  1. i am sorry to hear that you are unemployed and being treated in such a negative way. isn't it amazing that your creative side has come to the fore? that's a positive thing at least. don't you love bjork? i do. she's so original and just a little bit crazy which i think is deriguer (?) for creative people. a la vincent van g. my g/son is staying over and i have to work today. daughter is being a spoilt brat and the light fitting in my bedroom broke. besides that all is well. chin up buttercup. you'll get a job soon and you will be able to buy that bjork album. i'm sending you positive reiki energy

  2. Thanks Yevisha!
    Any reiki energy sent is greatly received. All will be well I am sure. I do hope that your day gets better!
    As for Bjork, I love that she does her own thing. I don’t even begrudge her for wearing that horrid swan dress all those many years ago (yes that event is still in my brain). Bless her for being brave enough to do what she does! I think there is somethign in that for all of us... (and I don't mean accepting poor fashion sense- a la' the swan dress ;-))

  3. ok the swan dress was a little error in judgement. i'll pay that. and she's got a bit of a temper apparently and is known to attack journalists at airports but besides that .... lol