Thursday, October 27, 2011

my cards.. Yay!!!

I have recently started making beautiful hand made cards.
I use high quality 250 GSM card stock and envelopes that 'peel and seal'.
Matte photos of images that I have taken, are then mounted onto the card stock.
All who have purchased the cards, speak of their 'high quality'.
A few people have even brought some cards to frame! (silly people, I sell framed 4 x 6 and  A4 sized images as well!!!!, but more of that another time)

The cards (name of the design is written under the image):

Spacemen in Fitzroy, Riding down the lane, Eiffel tower and Lane in Como, Italy:

Thanks, Raining colour in Fitzroy (not available), London Tube & Venus Bay, Gippsland:

Thank You, The view from Gerard's window, Paris, Lunch in Versailles & watching over us:

Love is possible, Chrysler Building, New York, Saucer and Spoon & Latte:

Santa, As night falls & Love is all you need & an i-phone:

Alexanderplatz, Berlin, Keller & Kalmbach, Munich & Flower detail, Battery Point, Tas

Smoking in the Lane, Berlin Lane & Peek a Boo

Aside from these cards being a beautiful and original gift in themselves,
as we get closer to christmas, these cards are absolutely perfect to place a gift voucher within!

If you would like to order any cards (and while the website is on its way), please email me at:                      

-Let me know which designs you would like and how many of each design (please note that a couple of the cards come in different coloured card stock, i.e. the 'santa' card has a red or white card stock).

- Please also provide me with your name and address details to send the cards to.
I will then get back to you with postage costs. Once payment is made, cards are then mailed off.

Support local starving artists!! (ie me!)

The cards are approx 115mm X 165mm

$5 each plus postage.

As you can imagine, some of the designs are currently available in a couple of stores locally at a much higher retail price! So this is the perfect opportunity to obtain these cards at an unbelievably great price!

I am so confidant of how great these cards are, that I will gladly refund you the cost of any of the cards you are not happy with!

Payment is preferred via pay-pal.  Easy to set up, safe and secure to use !
Any questions please email me -

Here is a picture of the back of envelope showing 'peel and seal' flap.

* please note that the colours may vary slightly than in the above images. Some of the above photos might also have some glare 'effect' from lighting, at the time the photo was taken. Having put these mandatory disclaimers in, let me say that when you do receive your cards,
you will not be disappointed!!!

matthew laurence schiavello.

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  1. Great cards! Very happy with them. Buy them you bastards and keep food in Matthew's mouth!