Sunday, November 13, 2011

Random images from walking about

Every time I drive past this, I think- Oh! I should stop and take a photo... so I finally did.

 Piano falling apart in someones front yard:

Stuck on a side wall in the back streets of Northcote:

Eureka tower, Southbank (running late to have dinner at my brother's, but finding time to take some photo's!):

Raining in the lanes of Fitzroy:

The city at night:


  1. 'raining in the lanes in fitzroy' is absolutely beautiful...i love it.

    what i take from this image is nature (rain) pouring it's beauty all over humanities ugliness (is that actually a word??) brings hope and promise to the shitty human condition.

    Nature prevails and this planet will continue to evolve and live on, long after us silly human beings wipe ourselves out...

    (sorry to be so morbid, was just running with a thought..haha)

    love the shots!

  2. Thanks for your kind comments and reflection Tomboy!
    I similarly think there is something beautiful about 'raining in the lanes of fitzroy'. There is a sad beauty about it and I agree about your reflection of the ugliness of humanity, that is contrasted with the life giving qualities and hope that comes from rain.
    On a side note, I think it is time I:
    saved up for an slr camera (not that I know anything about them)
    and maybe did a photography course (again- save up).. My mate ric offered the use of his beautiful and expensive camera.. so maybe i will take him up on that offer soon... :-)

  3. the note is very romantic. ahhh i wonder if the piano is left over from 'come out' the youth festival a few months ago where they put pianos all over the city? we had a piano at work. one day an old bloke sat down and played the most amazing jazz. it made a change from the kids banging on it all day. :)

  4. LOL.. I recall your blog about the Piano's in Adelaide.... Love to have walked past this one in the pic and had someone playing.. a good old fashioned knees up type of tune ;-)