Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly- Jan 2012

The Good:

Instead of 'the good', this should probably be listed under 'The Exciting and The Magnificent' !

Tomboybill, who's work I love and I am not just saying that because we are good mates, but I am saying go and check it out!!!!! What are the details I hear you ask?

From Jan 10th to mid Feb pop down to APTE Cafe Gallery- 538 Heidelberg Road, Alphington...

How cool is the attached flyer???  Tomboybill's blog can be found here!

I have been a couple of times now and had great coffee whilst enjoying the brilliant art work..
At the artist's invitation I took some photos, here is one of them.. apologies for the reflection in the artwork:

The Bad:

This month's bad is 'having too many records to appreciate them all properly'. Yes it is a 1st world problem, I agree, but does that make it any less of a problem, especially for a lover of music such as I?

Towards the end of 2011, I purchased a few new LP's but hadn't really been able to enjoy them until the holiday season came along! First up, are a couple of LP's I brought myself for Christmas (though I don't generally buy christmas gifts for others, I do buy presents for myself!!):

Laura Marling- 'A Creature I don't know'. I have all three of Laura's albums, She is great, such a mature voice and songwriter, especially for her age.. just pure brilliance!

Laura Marling- 'Sophia' (Live on Jools Holland!)

Nico - 'Chelsea girl'. I never get tired of 'These days' and 'The fairest of the seasons', especially when I am maudlin!

 Nico -'These days'

One LP I brought late 2011 and have come to really like was Bill Callahan's  - 'Apocalypse'. I really loved Bill Callahan's last LP, as well as his work under the name 'Smog'. I have to say that initially I was a little disappointed with this Lp, but then it took hold and really grew on me. Cover art is by - Paul Ryan, titled “Apocalypse at Mule Ears Peak, Big Bend National Park in West Texas”.

Bill Callahan- 'Riding for the feeling'

In late 2011, as a reward for starting a new part time job and moving out of unemployment, I purchased 3 cheap-ish Lp's on the internet. They are up next.

Nick Lowe -'The Old Magic'. I really hate the front cover of this record, so here is the much better, back cover!

Nick Lowe- 'I read a lot'.

Bjork - 'Biophilia'. You either love her or hate her, appreciate her or 'don't get it'. I like Bjork and the way that she is constantly trying new things. The clip isn't a film clip as such, but apparently is the projection that goes on in the background as the song is preformed on the current tour.

Björk - 'Mutual Core' (Biophilia Tour Projection)

Coldplay- 'Parachutes'. Admitting to this purchase will likely take me down a couple of notches on the northcote-cool-indie-snob ladder. In my defence, it is an early work of thiers (which is usually the thing to say. isn't it???  You know the whole..."oh, I only like their early stuff...")

Coldplay- 'Don't panic'

The Ugly:
This month's 'Ugly' is 'Back to work'. It should be illegal to have to return to work after holidays!  Yes I had two whole weeks off, but who really has a chance to relax over the Christmas nightmare, err I mean period. I know some poor working sod's didn't even get a break, and some poor unemployed people, can't get a job, so I shouldn't really complain... But, short holidays are a 1st world problem and I live in the 1st world, so I will complain goddamn it!!! Anyway, to make matters worse  I turn 40 soon....and I am still single!!!! Can it get any worse?
No, well...unless I lose my hair, and my eyes start to fail... oh hang on that's already happened.. I guess that only leaves falling for a Nigerian Scam...

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