Sunday, January 1, 2012

Patterns, Texture and Life.. as well as 'a day away with friends'

In celebration of the new year and of the wonderful things that lay ahead for us, I thought I would share some images taken with my little automatic digital camera. Some of these images are of the small often overlooked details, which somehow caught my eye as I passed them.  I do love the idea of some of these below images enlarged and hanging on a wall somewhere.

Patterns- Bark in Thornbury :

Texture- Graffiti-ed wall in Northcote:

Wall in Northcote:

 Peeling post in the city.

Painted wall in Fitzroy (detail)

The details from a wall in Collingwood:

Life- South Yarra:

Life- Or, where life once was (Nth Fitzroy):

Life- In my front garden:

What the fence painter did:

A day away with friends. 

Here are some shots from a recent trip to Daylesford with friends:

Later that night on a walk through the city, I came across this surreal image of a forklift parked on St Kilda Road, out the front of the National Gallery Of Victoria. Surrounding the forklift were trees beautifully lit up with green lights:


  1. You have a nice eye, Matthew.

    I always have found lichens, rusted surfaces and such to be interesting objects to photograph.

    Have an Un-Daggy New Year's!

  2. Hi Alex I agree :-)
    hope your New year is dag free as well!

  3. Lovely photos, Matthew. The colours are extraordinary.

    A very Happy New Year!

  4. Thanks Marty!! I am looking at getting a 'proper' camera soon.. but I have to say that my little hand help automatic point and click camera has served me well! I think the secret is in the lens.. Its a Carl Ziess lens... not to bore you with details LOL..
    Happy new year to you as well!!

  5. lovely photos Matthew. as usual. have a wonderful new year. wishing all good things. :)

  6. love the images. brilliant! great work

  7. Thanks Tomboy.. I am looking forward to your upcoming exhibition!!!!

  8. amazing photos matthew - the bark and peeling post photos are reminiscent of art by david band - the photos are beautiful - they made me smile :-)

  9. Hi Victor,
    Thank you kindly for your comments. Glad you liked the pics. I did not know of David Band of his stuff, so I googled it and really liked some of what I saw..
    So thank you!!!