Saturday, February 4, 2012

The big 4 Oh

January was a busy month. I turned 40 as did a close friend (who is older by a huge 5,760 minutes!!). I had a great birthday, made more special by being able to spend it with loved friends and family. A fragment from my birthday speech follows.. (yes, I wrote a speech..):

"Life is indeed beautiful, and in time we all find our way. Patience and love are gifts that are never wasted, not even when we think they might be."

Something I definitely need to remind myself of often!

 Speaking of beautiful, here is a beautiful 'one-off' card, given to me by a beautiful 'one-off' friend:

If you would like to have something similarly cool like this in your own home then check out this site for original 'one-off' art!

My friend Ric loaned me his amazing camera...all of  the below pics are all taken with his camera and his beautiful lens! I am happy to report that with the kind monies gifted to me on my birthday, I was able to buy the same camera as Ric... albeit without his amazing lens... Santa if you are listening, you now know what to get me!

After a yum birthday dinner of Thai , Double D and I headed back to Danni's for this gorgeous surprise! Someone needs to marry that woman, Pronto!:

The day after my birthday my friend Julie and I went to Phillip Island. She surfed, I watched.
Julie's Board resting at Smiths Beach:

Soon the clouds parted and we went to a bird sanctuary at Swan Lake, Phillip Island. While the wildlife were too far away to capture decently on film, I did photograph the sun setting over a rise as we made our way back to the car:

So far 'Forty' has been really good! I haven't put on heaps of extra weight (yet!), but, I have spent most of my spare time taking photos and gazing lovingly at my new to those who chipped in for my new camera 'Thank you'... and for those that have been 'modelling' for me as I practiced with my new partner.. er I mean camera, another heartfelt 'thank you!'

all photographs Copyright Matthew Schiavello 2011
Artwork- Copyright Tomboybill 2011


  1. Happy Belated Birthday.
    You are still so young.
    I unfortunately turn 49 next weekend :(

    1. Thanks Peter... Don't know about 'still so young'.. LOL. i guess that it is all about perspective. Have brilliant 49th next weekend!

  2. Happy Birthday Matthew, glad you had a great day with your friends and family. From Michelle

  3. i want to wish you a very happy (belated) birthday. congratulations on turning 40. so young. thank you for sharing a little part of your speech. lovely sentiments. of course, your photos are terrific. i'm very jealous. my camera is rather ordinary but sufficient for the happy snaps i take.

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes Yevisha! In my book it's never too late for a happy belated birthday, especially if it includes a present (preferably of cash!).
      Don't be jealous of the camera.. the above pics were taken with a camera on loan from a mate... and in keeping the flow of kindness going... whenever you are in melbourne and want to borrow my camera for a day.. you are welcome :-) I mean.. hey, you and I go all the way back to the myspace days (now we're showing our age!). Plus, you do have pretty good taste in music and I don't throw music compliments like that about lightly ;-)

  4. dear Matthew. how kind you are. i will take you up on your offer of lending me your specky camera should i venture to melbourne. myspace is not a place i visit much anymore. if at all. those were the days. sigh :) and i'm blushing at your compliment re my fabulous musical tastes. right back at you xx